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>BBC confirms it’s still a lying pack of anti-free market commies

November 8, 2009 Leave a comment

>I’ll tell you an organisation that is helping to wreck society, lower standards and impoverish people – the BBC.

The BBC has just released a survey on worldwide attitudes to capitalism, the fall of the USSR and the Berlin Wall.

Wide Dissatisfaction with Capitalism — Twenty Years after Fall of Berlin Wall

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a new BBC World Service global poll finds that dissatisfaction with free market capitalism is widespread, with an average of only 11% across 27 countries saying that it works well and that greater regulation is not a good idea.

In only two countries do more than one in five feel that capitalism works well as it stands — the US (25%) and Pakistan (21%).

The most common view is that free market capitalism has problems that can be addressed through regulation and reform—a view held by an average of 51% of more than 29,000 people polled by GlobeScan/PIPA.

An average of 23% feel that capitalism is fatally flawed, and a new economic system is needed—including 43% in France, 38% in Mexico, 35% in Brazil and 31% in Ukraine.

Furthermore, majorities would like their government to be more active in owning or directly controlling their country’s major industries in 15 of the 27 countries. This view is particularly widely held in countries of the former Soviet states of Russia (77%), and Ukraine (75%), but also Brazil (64%), Indonesia (65%), and France (57%).

Majorities support governments distributing wealth more evenly in 22 of the 27 countries — on average two out of three (67%) across all countries. In 17 of the 27 countries most want to see government doing more to regulate business—on average 56%.

Now, in the midst of the global financial crisis one might think that there had been an opinion shift against free markets, especially given the onslaught of misinformation and agitprop from the BBC, ABC, NYT, CNN etc.

However, given their well established reputation for being leftist lying bastards it’s always worth going to the source documents to see what the survey really said to see whether the BBC had cherrypicked information that supported their socialist doctrine.

Let’s go to the graphs provided in the survery conducted by Globescan.

Looking at the information wouldn’t it be more intellectually honest to say that 73% of people who have an opinion support free market capitalism?

Not if you’re the BBC.

How do the answers stack up by country?

(click to embiggen)

It’s interesting how low the percentages are in Japan and Germany that capitalism is a fatally flawed system. Perhaps it’s because those two countries are massive exporters and understand that free markets benefit everyone who participates.

The BBC deliberately pushes leftist agitprop, which is picked up by unthinking media outlets around the world that spreads its distortions before, as they say, truth has a chance to get out of bed and get its boots on.

It really is a wonder that we have any freedom left in the world at all given the left’s 50+ year assault on it…

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