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>UK’s police must need to increase their anti-terrorism statistics

>Modern police forces around the world have targets to achieve across the issues that most concern the public or, more importantly, the want-to-be-seen-to-be-tough politicians.

One of these targets must be dealing with terrorism. How else can one explain why police would prosecute this case?

A British man who said on Twitter that he would blow up an airport if his flight was delayed by snow was convicted on Monday of sending a threatening message and made to pay STG1,000 ($A1,646).

Who did he send the Twitter to? Only those people who follow him, which they chose to do. It’s hardly a public threat.

Paul Chambers, 26, insisted his post on the micro-blogging site was a joke. But a judge at Doncaster Magistrates’ Court in northern England found him guilty of sending an offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing message over a public telecommunications network.

District Judge Jonathan Bennett said the message “was of a menacing nature in the context of the times in which we live.” He ordered Chambers to pay the fine and court costs.

The message is not a sign of the “menacing nature in the context of the times in which we live”…the judgement is! How pathetic.

Chambers was arrested in January after he posted the message saying he would blow up Robin Hood Airport near the large town of Doncaster “sky high” if his flight, due to leave in a week’s time, was delayed.

Chambers, from Doncaster, said he made the post when the airport was closed by snow and he feared his travel plans would be disrupted.

“It did not cross my mind that Robin Hood would ever look at Twitter or take it seriously because it was innocuous hyperbole,” he said.

An airport employee came across the tweet a few days later, but security staff there decided it was not a credible bomb threat. Nevertheless, they passed the message on to police. Chambers was arrested two days before his flight was due to leave.

How did the airport employee come across the tweet? Kudos to the security staff who used more than two brain cells and worked out it was not a credible threat.

Chambers, who lost his job at a car distribution firm after his arrest, said he was considering an appeal.

This should send a chill down people’s spines. The guy lost his job because of a joke tweet? What sort of place has the UK become?

News of the conviction sent a ripple of outrage across the Twittersphere, with some users retransmitting the message: “This absurd judgement is enough to make me want to blow up Robin Hood airport”

Everyone with access to Twitter should be sending messages like the one above.

I can’t get over how insane this situation is. The bloke lost his job becasue of a joke! That’s unbelievable.

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>Collapse of standards – Example 54390442

December 3, 2009 9 comments

>Two stories today demonstrate the ongoing collapse of standards in today’s values-free, morally relativistic world.

First, thanks to Tiger Woods:

What’s in a word?

Well, for Internet searchers, many aren’t quite sure.

When Tiger Woods apologized today for “transgressions” after Us Weekly posted a voice mail of the world’s No. 1 golfer talking to an alleged mistress, confused readers flooded Google with searches of the 14-letter word in search for clarity.

Google Trends, which lists in real-time the fastest rising searches on Google, lists “transgressions” as No. 1.

The search engine gave the query its highest ranking: volcanic.

To help you out, I’ve reached over to the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary on my desk for the definition:

• an act, process, or instance of transgressing: as a: infringement or violation of law, command, or duty b: the spread of the sea over land areas and the consequent uncomfortable deposit of sediments on older rocks

(We’re pretty sure he meant the first part.)

What has happened to the standard of education when people don’t know what trangression means?

I’ve mentioned my 20 x 20 question before (ask your teenager what 20 times 20 is; 90% won’t say 400) and this is another example of not teaching the basics.

The next example comes from the world of cricket. Apparently, retired English captain Michael Vaughan has taken up art.

First it was tennis legend Martina Navratilova, and now former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan is using his sporting skills to produce art.

Vaughan, who led England to Ashes glory in 2005, has created a series of paintings by throwing paint-spattered cricket balls at canvasses, in a technique dubbed artballing.

The works — with titles such as “Six!” and “Power Play” — went on display Wednesday night at a gallery in London’s upmarket department store Harrods.

“With my art it’s been good to get away from cricket and switch off those thought processes required to captain at the highest level, the day-in day-out questioning of yourself and the team – the art is quite therapeutic,” he said.

Vaughan, 35, who retired from professional cricket in June, admitted he first became interested in art when teammate Ashley Giles took him to trendy London galleries during rain-delayed Test matches.

“I tell people what I’m doing and they raise an eyebrow and say ‘Oh, really?’. But then they see the finished works and it really takes them aback, which is great,” the former batsman said.

A work entitled “183” commemorates his Ashes Test innings in Sydney in 2003, with a maroon ball spot for every single he scored, a red spot for every two, a pink spot for his fours and a solitary green spot for his only six.

Navratilova held an exhibition at Roland-Garros, home of the French Open Grand Slam tournament, in 2007 of her works produced by hitting balls soaked in paint against canvases, and bouncing them on canvases on the ground.

Check out the so-called ‘art’…

All that’s missing is a government grant.

When bouncing painted balls against a canvas counts as art then there’s nothing that doesn’t.

In the bottom left (Vaughan’s right) you can see that he signed the ‘art’, as well. Is he beyond embarrassment?

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>More to drive the cultural left nuts

November 2, 2009 Leave a comment

>I think that ninemsn is doing its best to try and put up a poll question that gets a favourable response for asylum seekers but the Australian public refuses to co-operate.

The other day I posted their poll question “Should the army get asylum seekers off the Oceanic Viking?” which went 3:1 in favour of using the army.

Today’s question is “Should we adopt a softer approach to asylum seekers?”. So they’ve turned the question from being hard – use of the army – to soft.

The previous 3:1 has blown out to 7:1 against the asylum seekers.

This is also at a time when it is being reported that 20 people may have lost their lives when a boat traveling to Australia capsized northwest of the Cocos Islands.

Australians are generous to a fault but we really get riled up when people take the mickey out of us, which these so-called asylum seekers clearly are.

Andrew Bolt has more on their non-real asylum seeker status and how the despicable Greens tell lies in order to further their agenda.

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>This will drive the cultural left crazy

October 29, 2009 2 comments

>So there’s a bunch of Sri Lankan economic refugees and assorted ex-Tamil Tiger terrorists living on the Oceanic Viking somewhere off of Indonesia in a political tug-of-war between crap knows who but mainly involving Australia’s prime minister, Kevin Rudd, trying to look compassionate, tough and statesmanlike all at the same time; a stance that he has failed spectacularly to achieve, which comes as no surprise to those of us who think he has little diplomatic skill and a decidedly nasty streak about him.

So here’s the boat. There’s 78 Sri Lankans camping on it.

Now, here’s the bit that will drive the cultural left crazy.

Outspoken Liberal MP, Wilson Tuckey, suggested that the government may need to call in the army in order to remove the Sri Lankans from the boat and place them in detention in Indonesia.

Cue the usual whinging and carry on from Australia’s left.

Here’s the current status of ninemsn’s poll on the issue – Should the army get the asylum seekers off the Oceanic Viking?

(click to embiggen)

Queue-jumping asylum seekers have very little support from the Australian people. We have a strong sense of fairness and these people are well past what we consider acceptable.

Now, would the cultural left accept the result of the poll?

Surely they would twist it into an example not of Australia’s fairness but of its inherent racism?

No doubt there’ll be much chatter among the chattering class over the injustice of it all.

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>George Carlin – the planet is fine…but the people…?

>Comedian George Carlin was never one to toe the politically correct line, which he demonstrates in spades in this terrific piece in which he takes aim at the type of people who take themselves oh so seriously because they drive a Prius, wash infrequently to save water and, basically, ‘care’ so much about the planet that they curl up into the foetal position and cry themselves to sleep every night because of the horror and devestation of planetary destruction.

The reality is that they simply imagine this to be the case and react to their imagination rather than dealing with the facts.

Either that or they’re with Al Gore, who is trying to convince the world to introduce emissions trading schemes so that he can increase the profits of his carbon offsets company.

Here’s Carlin. There’s some biting stuff in there.

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>Immigrants attacking Indian and Chinese students proves Australia is racist

June 3, 2009 1 comment

>The Indian community in Australia staged a quite large and noisy protest to highlight the fact that many of them, and particularly students, are being targeted in deliberate racist attacks.

Our Prime Minister has been forced to intervene in a diplomatic spat with India over the attacks.

Over the last week I have been watching the media reporting to see whether they’re reporting on who the perpetrators of the attacks are.

Not one report has provided the information that is most salient to the crimes – that they’re being mostly carried out by immigrants to Australia, mainly from Africa.

So what do we have now?

The nitwit leftists who jump on any opportunity to kick Australia and accuse it of being a nation of racists are howling from the rooftops.

In the People’s Republic of Victoria, Rob Hulls has introduced new hate crimes legislation:

HATE crime could soon be an offence in Victoria as the State Government moves to crack down on violent attacks against Indian students, homosexuals and other targeted groups.

Under a plan being pushed by Attorney-General Rob Hulls, judges would have to take into account “hatred for or a prejudice against a particular group of people” as an aggravating factor when sentencing offenders.

Tougher sentences would apply to crimes deemed to be based on victims’ race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Of course, the only problem with such legislation is that the government will never have the courage to charge anyone other than white, male Australians.

The Chinese never miss the chance to put the boot in and take advantage of a situation:

THE future of the $15.5 billion overseas student industry is under threat after the Chinese Government went public with concerns about violence against its students in Australia.

Battling to contain the damage arising from attacks on Indian students, university vice-chancellors fear Australia’s third-largest export industry may face sanctions from the Chinese and Indian governments.

Chinese embassy counsellor Liu Jin yesterday said his Government was intervening to ensure the safety of Chinese nationals.

“There are over 130,000 Chinese students in Australia,” he said. “They have, on the whole, had a good study and living environment in Australia, but attacks on Chinese students also occurred in recent years.

“The Chinese embassy and consulates in Australia attach high importance to the safety of Chinese students … It is hoped that the Australian Government will provide better protection to international students from China and other countries and ensure their legitimate rights in Australia.”

At least we have a Prime Minister who can tell the Chinese to pull in their heads in their own language. Not that he has the balls for that.

Not letting an opportunity to get her noggin into the media again, Australian minor Bollywood starlet, Tania Zaetta, has ‘begged’ Bollywood to stop a boycott against Australia.

Aussie Bollywood star Tanya Zaetta has pleaded with the Indian film industry not to boycott Australia over the spate of attacks on Indian students in Melbourne.

The actress, who appeared in the Melbourne-produced Bollywood movie Salaam Namaste, said she was “horrified” to hear of the race violence but added that any boycott would do more harm than good.

“I understand completely Indians being upset over the recent racial attacks, I’m appalled by them myself,” Zaetta told ninemsn.

“It makes me ashamed to be Australian when you hear about attacks on people of other cultures.

“But I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and calm down. Bollywood boycotting Australia will only drive the two countries further apart.”

Zaetta is ‘ashamed to be Australian’ due to attacks that are mostly carried out by a country whose intake of immigrants exceeds any other in the world on a per capita basis.

Why can’t the truth be told?

Australia is among the least racist nations on earth. Not that you’d know that from reading the media.

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>Motoring developments in US and India make a stark contrast

April 8, 2009 3 comments

>Here’s something to think about…in the developed world we’re oohing and aahing about the really cool GM/Segway P.U.M.A on the not unreasonable grounds that it is a really, really neat piece of kit…

The GM/Segway P.U.M.A.

…while in the emerging market of India everyone is captivated by the release of India’s “Model T”, the Tata Nano, and with good reason – it looks like a fair thing.

The Tata Nano

I like the comment in the first video about there being no other country in which the Nano could have been built.

All the world thinks that China will be the next big thing but I reckon it’s India that will be the long term winner due to its greater innovation and Westernised institutions left over from the British Empire.

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