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>Mount Shasta defies global warming predictions

>You’d thing that the lack of real world observations of the supposed effects of climate change would give Climate Brown Shirts pause for thought that, perhaps, their wonderful computer models are somewhat less than accurate. However, I don’t refer to believers as the Climate Faithful for nothing. Reality is not something that they rely upon in their unscientific, politically driven arguments.

The debate over global warming has taken a pretty odd twist in Northern California. Up on Mount Shasta, the glaciers are not behaving like you’d expect.

Big mountains often produce their own weather patterns. Mount Shasta, at 14,162 feet seems to have a mind of its own these days. Shasta has seven glaciers. The biggest is the one on the middle, Whitney Glacier. What has surprised scientists about the glacier is that if the theories about global warming are true, the glacier ought to be shrinking, but it’s not.

Oops. Another inconvenient truth for the Climate Faithful.

“Unlike most areas around the world, these glaciers are advancing, they are growing. Thirty percent in the last fifty years,” says scientist Erik White.

Advancing? Growing? Oh, no!

White and mountain climber Chris Carr are Shasta experts.

Ah. That’s OK. They’re not climate experts. What they say doesn’t count.

“Every year it’s a little bit different. But the glacier changes dramatically, year to year,” says Carr.

So why are the glaciers larger today than they were a century or more ago?

“Mount Shasta is right at the very northern end of areas influenced by El Nino and were at the southern end of areas affected by La Nina. So between the two we get to see the benefits of that which means more snow and rain in this area,” says White.

Snow scientists have been tracking the glaciers’ size by comparing photos from a century ago to those taken decades later, and then using satellite data and computer modeling to determine the rate of growth.

Those models predict Shasta will continue to receive more than normal snowfall, but if the temperature continues to rise, the glaciers will begin to recede.

For now, the growing glaciers are good news to the town of Mount Shasta which hosts the thousands of tourists who come to here to experience the thrill of ice climbing.

You can climb mountain Shasta all the way to the glaciers to see for yourself, but, you’d better have good hiking equipment and be in good shape too!

Another small thumb tack in the coffin of the non-science of global warming.

The work that Steve McIntyre and others are doing to uncover the fudging of the US surface temperature record by James Hansen is some of the most important work being done in science anywhere in the world. If what passes as science in the field of climate change is applied to other disciplines then we’re not going to be making many scientific discoveries in the future.

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  1. September 6, 2007 at 11:19 pm

    >Got water?…Guess you don’t. Suck dust, Ahole. ha ha ha

  2. November 12, 2007 at 6:46 pm

    >So if 95% of glaciers are shrinking, and 5% are growing, that means global warming is not happening?

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