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>Australian culture blamed for African’s killing of Asian man

January 28, 2009 3 comments

>I have been giving the UK a decent bollocking over the last few months because of its cultural capitulation to the violent, racist, misogynist terrorism supporters and perpetrators in its midst known as the Muslim community.

However, here in Australia we have our own problems, as exhibited by the following ridiculous story

An African migrant who viciously bashed a father to death with a full bottle of wine in a random attack has been jailed for eight years.

Leong Lim, 45, was walking home from a pokies venue when he was attacked in a Springvale park and repeatedly hit over the head with a bottle of Passion Pop on March 3 2007.

A Victorian Supreme Court judge said on Wednesday that Australian culture was partly to blame for the attack.

The court was told the 16-year-old attacker, identified only as AO, had been drinking in the park with his friends in the lead-up to the bashing.

Mr Lim, a Malaysian father-of-four who was in Australia to make money to send to his family, died of a severe head injury.

AO also stole Mr Lim’s wallet and mobile phone.

He was originally charged with murder, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter and armed robbery.

On Wednesday, he was ordered to serve a minimum of four years in prison.

The court was told AO came to Australia from Ethiopia at the age of 12 to flee violence between troops from his homeland and Somalia.

He witnessed people being killed and his family lived in extreme poverty, the court was told.

But Victorian Supreme Court Justice Paul Coghlan said it was a culture of drinking alcohol AO learnt after he arrived in Australia that led to him being in the park that night.

“Drinking of this kind is more a product of our culture than the culture and background from which you come,” Justice Coghlan said.

“It is imperative that our community take a stand.

“It needs to become clear to our young men and women that enjoyment of life and position in society is not to be measured or driven by ever-increasing consumption of alcohol.”

Justice Coghlan described the attack on Mr Lim as “vicious and sustained”.

He said AO bent over Mr Lim’s body and shook it.

But Justice Coghlan said AO, who was tried as a child in the Supreme Court, had shown some remorse.

The court was told AO was convicted and fined last year in the Children’s Court over a similar attack in which he seriously injured his victim. That attack happened just six days after Mr Lim’s killing.

Although he ordered AO to serve a minimum of four years in prison, he will be eligible to serve the sentence in a Youth Justice Centre.

It’s terrific that the piece of human excrement showed ‘some’ remorse, isn’t it?

What has happened to society when a clearly violent individual is able to get away with murder by receiving such as short sentence?

How is it that someone who had supposedly fled violence and death should take advantage of the free society he now finds himself in to commit murder?

Why is it that when an African kills an Asian a Victorian Supreme Court Justice can still find a way to blame the attack on Australian culture?

That says far more about the culture of the court than of Australia.

The Somali and Ethiopian communities have made quite a name for themselves in Victoria for the level of violence attributed to their members, a fact that has been scandalously covered up by the Victoria Police but has come to light due to the good work of a few journalists.

And talking of communities, the fact is that these groups stick together like glue and hardly interact outside their group (apart from driving cabs, as they seem to have taken most of those jobs).

So how does it come about that in just 4 years an Ethiopian lad can be so corrupted by the Australian culture of enjoying a drink?

Where are his parents in all of this?

Why am I and my fellow law abiding, decent Australians having our names dragged through the mud for the actions of one piece of murderous crap like AO?

AO needs to be put away for the rest of his life and Justice Paul Coghlan needs a good kick in the arse.

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>Bosnian Muslim shoots 6 dead – MSM doesn’t even ask a question of motive

February 14, 2007 2 comments

>As the tragedy of the shooting at Salt Lake City’s Trolley Square unfolded it became clear that the perpetrator was an 18 year old Bosnian refugee named Sulejman Talovic.

The Bosnian refugee community in the United States is of Muslim background and Sulejman is a Muslim derivation of Solomon so there’s little doubt that he is a Muslim though you probably wouldn’t know it from mainstream media reporting. As I write this, nearly a day after the events took place, Google News only returns 4 results for the two words – Talovic Muslim.

At a time when we’re engaged in a worldwide struggle against radical Islam you would have thought that someone in the MSM would have gone 1+1=2 and at least speculated that there might be some element of jihad involved. Unfortunately, all too often for the MSM, 1+1=nothing to see here, move along. It may well be the case that he had some other grievance that drove him to do what he did. We don’t know that yet. But what if he’s not alone? The first one of a cell? Surely the old warning system can be raised from green – it’s all OK to go about your business – to orange – proceed with caution for a while?

How long before CAIR complains about his identification as a Muslim and possible motive of jihad?

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