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>The Soviet Union had its Useful Idiots. So does Obama.

October 23, 2008 2 comments

>I lived in Moscow for 18 months during the height of the Cold War when I was growing up.

The misery and hopelessness of the people left an indelible impression on me.

Moving from Moscow to the United States and seeing the difference in optimism, opportunity and standard of living was a real eye opener.

What was even more eye opening was that there were people who not only defended the Soviet system but also attacked the United States and the West for being ‘unfair’ and ‘lacking justice’. Useful Idiots was the derisive term given to them by Stalin.

The Soviet Story was a movie released earlier in the year that highlighted the horrific reality of not only Soviet Socialism but totalitarian regimes in general. Mao, Pol Pot and the Kim Sung Il operated in the same brutal way of destroying completely any resistance to their rule.

When the Russian Revolution took place in 1918 it was generally well received by the public because the rhetoric was all about hope and change.

Americans are about to choose a president who preaches from the same Marxist textbook as did Lenin, which is not to say that Obama is going to implement a Soviet style regime – far from it.

The point is that the gap between rhetoric and reality is going to surprise Obama’s own Useful Idiots who have been sucked in by the vacuous message and soaring speeches.

Do you think that those who embraced the communists in 1918 expected the outcome to be as per the videos below?

The Soviet Story trailer

The Soviet Story – Why Killing is Essential to Communism

The Soviet Story – Starvation in Ukraine

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