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>9/11 Truth Nutjobs: "BBC video proves conspiracy"

February 27, 2007 5 comments

>A new video clip from 9/11 has been found and it purports to show that the BBC ‘knew’ Tower 7 was going to be brought down because they reported it 20 minutes before it actually happened. The fact that the video feed ‘conveniently’ breaks up just a few minutes before the tower fell is further sinister proof of the dastardly plot. The implication is that they couldn’t have known unless it was a conspiracy.

Leaving aside the BBC’s pathological leftist anti-Americanism, which should be enough to debunk the story altogether and just looking at the facts, I conclude the following:

  • The reporter, Jane Standley, is a couple of miles from the WTC so must have received news from a third party;
  • That news was probably that Tower 7 was ‘going to’ collapse not that it ‘had’ collapsed and in the confused reporting of the day that got mixed up;
  • Not being a local, she didn’t know which one Tower 7 was. Only a foreign news service could have made that error;
  • The fact it’s standing in full view behind her actually debunks the conspiracy because if it was a conspiracy then they would have picked a location that wasn’t so obviously going to give it away; and
  • Since when is it abnormal for a satellite signal to break up? I started recording events when the news came on the TV that a plane had hit the first tower and have over 12 hours of news coverage. I can’t count the number of times that the signal broke up during that time because it was so high.
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