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>Dear Hidden Imam…

August 20, 2009 1 comment

>This is hilarious.

Apparently, the Iranian chief of staff, Hassan Firouzabadi, has written a letter to the Hidden Imam, aka the Mahdi, asking him, basically, to quit with the occulation and return to earth in order to help Islam take over the world.

I have a question.

What address did he put on the envelope?

Would the Tehran post office treat it the same was as the US Postal Service treats letters addressed to Santa c/- North Pole?

Did he send it via email to

On July 12, 2009, the Iranian news agency ISNA published a letter written by Iranian chief of staff Hassan Firouzabadi to the Hidden Imam (the Shi’ite messiah, also called the Mahdi). In his letter, Firouzabadi depicts the post-election protests as a conspiracy against the Iranian regime by the West and the reformists in Iran. He also rejects accusations of Basij brutality, saying that the group did not act against the Iranian people in suppressing the protests, but rather tried to protect them. He concludes by urging the Hidden Imam to come speedily and launch a worldwide Islamic revolution.

Following are excerpts from the letter:

“O Lord of Time, peace be upon you… I wish to speak to you once again… [In 1979,] as the celebrations and rejoicing over the Islamic Revolution still reverberated [in the streets], America, the West, as well as the [Iranian] infidel parties on orders from their masters, [were already hastening] to turn every corner of Iran – including Kurdistan, Gonabad, Khuzestan, Amol and Tehran – into arenas of brutal psychological warfare and hotspots of secessionism, essentially striving to annihilate the Islamic Revolution and [its] regime…

“[Today] another round has begun in the cultural attack [on Iran]… In the current round, some of those involved [meaning Mousavi and his supporters] turned their backs on the glorious past of the [Islamic] Revolution, and wished to join Uncle Sam, thereby bringing shame upon the sacrifice and istishhad of our nation. They wished to launch a dialogue with those who attack the rights of the free [peoples] and condemn and assault the values of the [Islamic] Revolution, [i.e. those who attack] freedom, the Imam [Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini], the rule of the jurisprudent, and the clerics…

“Those [Iranians] who constantly spoke of tolerance towards the dissidents, chanting [pluralistic] slogans like ‘long live those who oppose me,’ [actually] wanted the Basij philosophy dead. The essence of the reforms that they wanted was to eliminate the Basij and its philosophy… They targeted the very foundations of the regime, viewing the Basij, and all the revolutionaries and believing [Muslims] in the nation, as an obstacle in their path. They brought about a catastrophe, harmed [the regime] and violated its sanctity, started fires, and fanned the enemy’s hope. They blamed the Basij for crimes that they themselves had committed [a reference to allegations of Basij brutality during the suppression of the protests]…

“When the Arrogance [i.e. the U.S.] saw its hope of toppling the regime dwindle, it mobilized the anti-Basij front, composed of old anti-revolutionary [Iranian] forces and fragments of [groups] that had been disbanded, whose common denominator is hostility towards the Basij and its philosophy, and towards [Iran’s] national awakening.

“This front began its war, orchestrated by [the West], under the guise of [participation in] the presidential elections. When it failed to win, thanks to the praiseworthy participation of 40 million voters, it became enraged, and instigated a bitter civil war. This civil war, which from the outside looked like a ‘velvet revolution’ but from the inside was harsh and brutal, targeted the culture and people of my homeland.

“[O Hidden Imam], you are my witness that [the members of] the armed forces and the Basij regarded all the [presidential] candidates as [honest] revolutionaries, and [some of them] voted for [these candidates]…, as did [other] Iranians, according to the dictates of their conscience. Despite this, you witnessed the curses and accusations that [these presidential candidates] hurled at us. They harmed the people’s security, and when we stood up to defend the people, they called us dictators and tried to disgrace us…

“Dearest Mahdi, we have taught our children and our grandchildren to await your arrival, and to raise the banner of this holy regime until you do… O lord, please beseech God, as we do, that the Islamic Revolution take root alongside the worldwide revolution that you [will bring]…

“Awaiting your arrival,

Hassan Firouzabadi.”

How does the left react when they see such stuff?

These are the same people who excoriate anyone who proclaims religion while in the service of the state in any capacity.

Why is it that nutjobs like those at the top of the Iranian heirachy do everything in the name of Islam but still receive the support of the Western left?

The world is surely upside down.

Whatever way up it is the regime in Tehran is not one that can be negotiated with in a normal manner.

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>Plastic shopping bag ban lunacy

>Ok. Ok. I know I said I’m busy and I am but this one just has to be commented on.

Tim Blair highlights an article about the South Australian government banning plastic shopping bags.

CHECKOUT-style plastic bags will disappear from South Australian shops from the close of business today as the state becomes the first in the nation to ban them.

All retailers – from large supermarkets to small takeaway food shops – are subject to the ban and will offer compostable as well as reusable bags at a cost to consumers instead.

“By banning checkout-style plastic bags we’ll be cutting waste to landfill, we’ll reduce the amount of litter on our streets, in our parks and our waterways,” said state environment and conservation minister Jay Weatherill in a statement.

“Producing four billion of these bags across the country each year is an enormous waste of energy and resources and the ban will slash South Australia’s share of that waste.”

The ban is expected to remove about 400 million plastic bags from SA’s waste each year.

When stores open tomorrow shoppers will either have to carry the reusable so-called “green bags”, or pay up to 25 cents at major retailers for biodegradable bags.

How, exactly will this save even one marine animal’s life, which is part the justification for banning them?

This is the lifecycle of a plastic shopping bag:

  • manufacturer makes bag
  • bag goes to supermarket
  • consumer buys goods, which are put in bag
  • bag happily transports goods home
  • groceries unpacked, bag stuck in a bag holder/other bags
  • when its time comes, bag removed from holder and used for rubbish
  • when full, bag tied up and thrown in garbage bin
  • garbage bin goes out on bin night
  • dirty, great garbage truck turns up and empties bin
  • truck wanders off to local tip, deposits contents
  • bag buried
  • R.I.P bag

Here are some plastic bag facts from Canada and I’m sure Australia would be similar:

Environmental Impact

  • They are one of the greenest and most energy-efficient bag materials produced today.
  • Compared to plastic shopping bags, paper bags use 3.4 times more energy, produce 2 times the green house gas emissions and use 17 times more water in their manufacture.
  • The amount of resin used in each bag has been decreased or “lightweighted” over time.
  • Today’s plastic shopping bags use 75 % less resin than they did 20 years ago and 63 % less energy in their manufacture, while maintaining the same strength and durability.
  • Yearly, the manufacture of all the plastic shopping bags used in Canada account for less than one-tenth of 1% of the annual oil and natural gas use in Canada.
  • It takes 7 trucks to haul 2 million paper bags, and only 1 truck to haul 2 million plastic bags.

Health and Safety

  • Plastic shopping bags protect our food from external contaminants, and other serious food borne risks such as Salmonella and e Coli.

Reuse and Recycling

  • Plastic shopping bags enjoy high re-use among Canadians. Independent waste audits show that at least 50% of all plastic bags are reused eg. as kitchen catchers, picking up after pets, carrying lunches and books etc.
  • Conventional plastic shopping bags are 100% recyclable.


  • If all of the plastic bags used in Canada were to end up in landfill, they would make up less than 1% of residential solid waste by weight.
  • Percentage breakdown of municipal landfill is: Organics 45%, Paper 22%, Plastics 9%, Glass 5% and Metals 3%.


  • Plastic shopping bags are not a major component of litter. Studies of Greater Toronto area communities show plastic shopping bags consistently account for less than 1% of urban litter.

The banning of plastic shopping bags is simply an act of bastardy by a government enthralled to environmental interests.

It’s the poor who will be hit hardest, of course, which is why the SA government is an immoral piece of crap.

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