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>Proof that there are at least 20,368 morons in Australia

November 18, 2009 2 comments

>Ninemsn’s latest poll question is – Do you think Australia is a corrupt country?

Here’s the current count:

Do the 20,368 people who voted yes actually understand what a proper corrupt country looks like and how far from it we are?

How would they cope with what goes on in Africa?

Or in almost any Asian nation?

Or in South America?

These people are nitwits.

I blame their teachers.

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>Michael Moore does not understand evil

September 7, 2009 2 comments

>It goes without saying that commenting on Michael Moore’s latest assault on truth actually plays into his hands by increasing the publicity he receives.

No matter, sane voices are needed to counter his distortions.

Having told lies about guns, 9/11 and the health system, Moore now takes aim at capitalism in his new falsumentary, “Capitalism: A Love Story”.

Being Moore, he conflates the excesses of Wall Street with capitalism while studiously avoiding the fact that Wall Street gives more money to the Democrats than Republicans.

The film ends with:

“Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil.”

Unwittingly, Moore boils down all leftist thought into one line and in the process exposes the intellectual fantasyland the left inhabits.

How does the left explain the rise of China in recent decades? Of India? Of Brazil?

How does the left explain the fact that for the first time ever more than 50% of the world’s population is defined as middle class?

Where are the examples of anything other than capitalism – sheer and naked, as in the examples of China and India – lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty?

If that’s evil then we need more of it.

And here’s a key insight that the left doesn’t understand – capitalism is like gravity. It’s an ever present force the effects of which operate in all societies.

It is shackled and suppressed in socialist countries, which is why they have hardly advanced themselves in the last 50-60 years.

Inhibiting capitalism is the reason that California is in such a parlous financial state in spite of all of its advantages.

Putting taxes on it is why so many state and local governments are losing their populations to other, freer jurisdictions.

Calling capitalism evil because a bunch of thieves on Wall Street co-opted government and, effectively, stole hundreds of billions of dollars from ordinary folk is the same as saying that gravity is evil for the negative effect it has on plummeting aircraft from time to time or that the sea is evil for occasionally sending a weak swimmer to a watery grave or that peanuts are evil for having a potentially fatal effect on 0.001% of the population.

I lived in the Soviet Union. I lived in backward Asian countries. I lived in Africa.

Not once did I see a local person who was as fat as Michael Moore.

Now, I’m not having a crack at Moore and his obvious battle with weight.

I’m highlighting that in non-capitalist countries Moore simply wouldn’t have the opportunity to over eat. The food nazis out there might think that’s a great idea but reasonable people believe that everyone should be able to make their own decisions and then live with the consequences of those decision – good or bad.

“Capitalism is evil” might go down well with the usual suspects: university professors; the mainstream media; Chavez, Castro and their ilk; America haters; and the Hollywood set, but anyone with a lick of commonsense understands it to be nonsensical.

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>Australian justice system follows postmodern European model into the sewer

August 25, 2009 3 comments

>We in Australia look around the world and see terrific injustice being meted out to the victims of crime brought about by justice systems gone haywire.

However, we have plenty of problems at home, should we choose to look, as demonstrated again in the following story.

From the ABC on Mon Jul 21, 2008:

Bail opposed for woman in kidnapping case

Victorian police have opposed bail for a woman accused of fleeing interstate with her partner’s seven-year-old son earlier this month.

The Melbourne Magistrates court heard 36-year-old Danielle Boundy of Winchelsea attacked Eric Kruger with a bread knife and a hammer in the days before she took his son. It is alleged she sped off with the boy in Mr Kruger’s car in Ballarat. An intervention order has been taken out against Boundy, who consented to it in court. She is charged with nine offences. Police told the court Boundy’s family does not want her released from prison.

Boundy’s lawyer said the authorities are keeping her in a 23-hour lockdown.

The bail hearing will resume tomorrow.

That’s from last year. A woman knowingly kidnaps a young child, terrifying the family as to his safety.

So how did things work out for her?

Fast forward a year…

Woman who stole child avoids jail time

A Victorian woman who stole her internet lover’s seven-year-old son and drove him to South Australia has avoided serving jail time. Danielle Boundy, 37, ordered her lover out of the car during an argument near Ballarat, in July 2008 and with, the child still in the back seat, she drove on to Port Augusta in South Australia.

The Victorian County Court heard on Tuesday that Boundy rang the child’s mother later that night falsely saying she was near the country Victorian town of Winchelsea. Police tracked the call to Port Augusta and arrested Boundy late the next day.

Boundy pleaded guilty to child stealing and two counts of intentionally causing injury, relating to fights she had with her lover.

County Court Chief Judge Michael Rozenes said child stealing was a very serious offence.

“Parents suffer great distress in cases worrying about what will ultimately happen to their child and it makes no difference to them whether the offender was ill or wicked,” he said.

But noting reports from psychiatrists about the effect further prison time would have on Boundy, Judge Rozenes suspended the sentence.

Judge Rozenes sentenced Boundy, of Winchelsea, to two years’ jail, wholly suspended for three years.

He also placed her on a community based order for two years on the causing injury charges.

Judge Rezenes needs to be sacked immediately for not enforcing the law. If his job is not to do that then what is it?

Judge Rezenes relied on psychiatrists’ reports about the effect that prison time would have on the kidnapping lunatic. Did the Judge allow a victims’ impact statement to be read to the court? If so then it obviously carried no weight. Were there psychiatrists’ reports on the effect on the victims of such a sentence?

It is a travesty of justice that this disgusting woman should be treated so leniently by an obviously morally confused judge.

There’s a reason that jails are called penitentiaries.

It’s because that’s where penitence is done. That’s where the word penitentiary comes from.

Judges should remember that before they inflict such appalling decisions on society in general and the victims, especially, in particular.

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>Best news story ever?

July 19, 2009 2 comments

>This has to be close to my favourite news story ever.

A DRIVER has been clocked speeding at 200km/h while using his mobile phone – but that’s not all he did.

For those who still live in the 20th century 200km/h is 120mph. And what else could he have done? Mooned the speed camera? Given the cops the two finger salute? Sung Nessun Dorma off key? The possibilities are endless…

When the police caught up with the Queensland driver, they found that none of his four passengers was wearing a seat belt.

That is mind boggling. No seatbelts? If you’re going to punt down the road at high speed and you happen to have an accident then the wearing of seatbelts might be somewhat academic but if it were me then I’d be buckled up just to have a fighting chance.

So what manner of vehicle did the police pull over? There were four passengers so it was probably some kind of high powered sedan. Right?

A NSW police highway patrol first spotted the 28-year-old’s minivan swerve across the southbound carriageway of the Hume Highway, north west of Canberra.


I’m surprised they could get it up to such a speed. What sort of minivan was it?

A Kia Carnival, apparently.

Seems just the vehicle to be hooning around in. Got to be a chick magnet. Must have some redeeming feature, then, such as quality?

In the 2007 reliability report published by TÜV, 1st generation (1999-2005) of Kia Carnival placed 113th out of 113 in the 2 to 3-year-old cars category, with a defect rate of 25.1%.In the 2008 TÜV report, 1st generation (1999-2005) of Kia Carnival placed 116th out of 116 in the same category, with a defect rate of 19.70%, and also placed 111th out of 111 in the 4 to 5-year-old cars category, with a defect rate of 27.60%.

Oh. Read on.

The driver was initially clocked at 179km/h by a stationary speed gun but accelerated when the police gave chase.

What sort of person, driving a Korean POS with four passengers, accelerates when a police car chases him? That is completely lunatic. What was he thinking?

“Police immediately began to follow the car along the highway,” a police statement said.

“A further speed check showed the car reached 198km/h.

And the coup de grace…

“As they followed the car the driver swerved between lanes while talking on a mobile phone.”

Classic stuff. How many drugs had he taken?

The driver, from Urangan, in Queensland’s South Burnett region, will appear at Gundagai court on September 7 charged with speeding and other driving offences.

Gundagai is famous for its dog on the tuckerbox

…the driver should probably visit the tourist attraction before heading to court. He might not be able to see it for quite a few months afterwards.

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>Security guards to watch over Grade 1 BBQ

December 9, 2008 Leave a comment

>What the heck?

Is there some chance of too much red cordial leading to a new video series Six Year Olds Run Amok?

Security guards have been hired to watch over a grade 1 barbecue at a primary school in Melbourne’s outer north-east.

Radio 3AW has reported that a letter from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development confirmed the presence of security guards at the end-of-year gathering for the group, which would largely be six year olds.

The Age contacted the school and was told the principal would make an announcement this morning. The Department of Education was also unavailable to provide immediate comment.

What can the excuse be for this?

‘Protecting’ the kids?

If so then from whom?

It will be interesting to see what twaddle is trotted out to justify such an outrageous waste of money.


Hurstbridge Primary School principal Jan Shrimpton today confirmed the security, saying it was necessary due to the “actions of a small number of parents”.

In a statement issued to The Age, Ms Shrimpton said the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development was taking “every step” to ensure a healthy and safe workplace for school staff.

“This includes the provision of security services during the school day and at a number of school events, as determined by me,” she said.

“I want to stress that this is not about students’ behaviour but about the actions of a small number of parents.”

The school would not comment further as to what the actions were.

“As principal of this excellent school, I will not tolerate any threat to the health and safety of my staff or any disruption to students,” Ms Shrimpton said.

“A safe teaching and learning environment is absolutely necessary, and working with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, I intend to ensure that the school provides that.”

This sounds like complete BS to me.

If parents had made threats against teachers, for example, then the police should be involved.

If the BBQ creates an environment in which AVOs may be breached then ditto.

What are the security guards going to do, anyway?

Fight off cranky parents?

What if it’s the mothers that are angry?

There is more to this that principal Shrimpton is letting on.

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>Blonde bimbo berates blonde Blanchett

October 2, 2008 2 comments

>I see that the brainless, busty slattern Pamela Anderson is on her PETA bandwagon again and this time taking aim at the infinitely more talented, albeit home video-less, Cate Blanchett because she’s associated with an Italian fashion icon who happens to think that the skin of dead animals is a pretty good material from which to make all sorts of dazzling clothes.

Daniel Boone punted around with a racoon on his head. It was a top look.

Pamela Anderson has written an angry letter to Cate Blanchett picking a fight with the star over her association with Georgio Armani.

Why didn’t she just pick up the phone? I smell a publicity stunt.

Anderson, a spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), called on Blanchett to use her influence with Armani to make him ditch fur in his fashion label, the Daily Telegraph reported.

People may, or may not, be aware that PETA is in fact an organisation with a long history of animal abuse which you can discover by perusing Whenever you see any of those idiotic women disrobing to protest whatever PETA’s cause-du-jour is, you can thank the power of the media for giving you some eye candy.

“Cate, as you are such a huge part of Armani’s publicity machine, would you please urge him to keep his promise and leave fur out of his future collections?” Anderson wrote, according to the newspaper.

Well that certainly sounds angry! I wonder what Pammy is like when she’s trying to be nice. Oh, yeah, like in the videos.

Anderson was referring to remarks made by Armani last year where he said he had spoken “with the people from PETA, and they showed me some materials that convinced me not to use fur”.

In the letter, Anderson also made a dig at Blanchett for attending the launch of one of his collections in Milan earlier this year.

The former Baywatch noted, pointedly, that she had helped raise $50,000 ($A55,000) for PETA at nearby Lake Garda that very same night.

“The former Baywatch…” what? Producer? Participant? Scriptwriter? Actor? Swimsuit model? Floating pontoon?

The fashion label responded to the letter by saying it would stop using all fur except from rabbits.

A spokesrabbit from Lepus International told APA News today that they would take action against Armani for discrimination.

“As a luxury fashion house, which has always been attentive to this issue, we feel we are being unfairly targeted in comparison to our competitors,” a company statement said.

Gee, this really is a cat fight. The language and tone are horrific.

Anderson staged a memorable protest for PETA during her July visit to Australia when she stormed into a Gold Coast KFC store dressed in skimpy red shorts and a low-cut shirt.

So she got dressed up, then?

She fought her way through a crowd of 100 to hand a staff member a letter protesting against KFC’s treatment of chickens, addressed to the managing director of KFC’s parent company in Australia, Albert Baladi.

“Fortunately, I won’t be stomped to death, have my legs broken or be scalded to death in a tank of hot water, yet as PETA’s undercover videos have revealed, the chickens raised for KFC’s restaurants in Australia often suffer these abuses,” the letter read.

Point the first. I’m not too sure that giving a pimply 15 year old kid a letter is exactly the fastest way to get it to the managing director. They’ll only have to stick it in the post anyway so why didn’t Pammy simply mail it herself and save everyone the aggro?

Point the second. There were 100 people in the KFC. One presumes that most of them were there to devour the succulent result of food prepared from victims that were stomped to death, had their legs broken or were boiled alive in tanks of hot water. Why didn’t she give each of them a good ticking off, as well?

PETA may get into the news. Pammy may get into the news.

Joe Public simply thinks it’s amusing.

Why news organisations think this stuff is serious enough to run a story on shows how intellectually bankrupt they have become.

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>French fire real bullets for first time since WW2

>For over 50 years the French have carefully nurtured their reputation as cheese-eating surrender monkeys. Preferring talk and negotiation to taking direct action has seen the French army become the butt of many jokes.

Going to war without France is like going deer hunting without your accordion – Jed Babbin

“Somebody was telling me about the French Army rifle that was being advertised on eBay the other day – the description was, ‘Never fired. Dropped once.'” – Rep. Roy Blunt (MO).

“Do you know how many Frenchmen it takes to defend Paris? It’s not known, it’s never been tried.” – Rep. R. Blount (MO).

War without France would be like, uh, World War II.

And my favourite…

“It is important to remember that the French have always been there when they needed us.” – Alan Kent.

So news overnight that the French army had actually used live bullets and injured people comes as something of a surprise:

Seventeen people, including a child left in a critical condition, were injured when soldiers fired live bullets instead of blanks during an open day display, regional officials have told AFP.

Fifteen civilians and two soldiers were injured in the incident, of which the details remained unclear, involving a demonstration by members of a marines parachute regiment of hostage liberation exercises, the regional authority said.

Four of the 17 were seriously injured, with two described as critical following “incomprehensible” scenes at the barracks near Carcassone, in the country’s southwest.

According to local authorities, five children were among the injured.

Five helicopters, 11 firefighters’ first-aid vehicles and two ambulances rushed to the scene to help the injured.

One soldier had been detained, although no explanation was immediately forthcoming for why the wrong ammunition was loaded into weapons.

Let’s hope that everyone injured is OK.

What lesson will the French take from the incident?

Using real bullets gets people hurt.

Another 50 years of feckless pacifism seems likely in spite of Sarkozy’s noise about France rejoining NATO.

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>Your schoolmates are dead…just tricking!

June 12, 2008 9 comments

>This has to be right up there with the worst ideas ever to combat drink driving.

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — On a Monday morning last month, highway patrol officers visited 20 classrooms at El Camino High School to announce some horrible news: Several students had been killed in car wrecks over the weekend.

Classmates wept. Some became hysterical.

A few hours and many tears later, though, the pain turned to fury when the teenagers learned that it was all a hoax — a scared-straight exercise designed by school officials to dramatize the consequences of drinking and driving.

As seniors prepare for graduation parties Friday, school officials in the largely prosperous San Diego suburb are defending themselves against allegations they went too far.

At school assemblies, some students held up posters that read: “Death is real. Don’t play with our emotions.”

Michelle de Gracia, 16, was in physics class when an officer announced that her missing classmate David, a popular basketball player, had died instantly after being rear-ended by a drunken driver. She said she felt nauseated but was too stunned to cry.

“They got the shock they wanted,” she said.

Some of her classmates became extremely upset, prompting the teacher to tell them immediately it was all staged.

“People started yelling at the teacher,” she said. “It was pretty hectic.”

Others, including many who heard the news of the 26 deaths between classes, were left in the dark until the missing students reappeared hours later.

“You feel betrayed by your teachers and administrators, these people you trust,” said 15-year-old Carolyn Magos. “But then I felt selfish for feeling that way, because, I mean, if it saves one life, it’s worth it.”

Officials at the 3,100-student school officials defended the program.

“They were traumatized, but we wanted them to be traumatized,” said guidance counselor Lori Tauber, who helped organize the shocking exercise and got dozens of students to participate. “That’s how they get the message.”

The plan was to tell the truth to the students at an assembly later in the day. But word that it was all a hoax began to spread before the gathering. Tauber said some counselors and administrators revealed the truth to calm some students who had become upset.

Oceanside Schools Superintendent Larry Perondi said he fielded only a few calls from parents, while the PTA chapter said it had not heard any complaints. Perondi said the program would be revised, but he would not say how. And he said he was glad that students seemed to have gotten the message.

“We did this in earnest,” he said. “This was not done to be a prankster.”

One can understand why school officials felt that they had to go so far over the top to get their message across. What with all of the other hysteria students have to deal with (global warming and other environmental alarmism etc) they are building resistance to hysterical messages and officials needed to go to the next level to get kids to listen.

All of the school officials who participated in the program should be sacked.

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>Miss Universe Australia continues intellectual tradition

>More in the Jesus Wept category… How can someone get to third year of a psychology degree and be so dim?

A 21-year-old university student has been crowned Miss Universe Australia after proposing people should use less hairspray to help the environment.

Her hairspray reduction idea topped a plethora of environmentally sensitive ideas including turning people’s water off every other day, charging $20/l for petrol and building houses out of plastic instead of wood in order to save the forests. One hopeful even put forward the plan to only allow one piece of toilet paper. When told that it had already been suggested she cried.

Laura Dundovic, a third-year psychology student from Sydney, received the honour in Melbourne last night. “It would be great to reach the success of my predecessors, but at the moment I am the over the moon to be here,” The Herald Sun quoted her as saying. The event’s director, Deborah Miller, said the standard of competition was one of the highest ever, with all contestants having “charisma, beauty, and intelligence”.

I don’t know if it was ‘intelligence’ or something that resembled intelligence and so they got a pass.

Tact was perhaps a little less evident in some of the beauty queen hopefuls. One contestant said the lives of homeless people could be improved if more of them used helplines.

And you thought I was kidding when I said she beat out a number of other hopeless ideas…

Ms Dundovic beat 28 other young women to the title, which was the start of great things for Jennifer Hawkins, who won in 2004. Ms Hawkins went on to win the international title, Miss Universe. A multi-million-dollar contract as the face of Myer and a job in television followed. Ms Dundovic will represent Australia in the international final in Vietnam in July.

Good luck to her. She’ll be up against some serious environmental competition though she’ll need to change her line, as I don’t think that Vietnamese judges will know what hairspray is.

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>Gays in Denmark get own cemetery space

>Here’s one of those stories that makes your eyes roll with the sheer inanity of it all.

Homosexuals have been designated an area in a Copenhagen cemetery for those who want to be buried among people who shared their sexual orientation, one of the project initiators says.

“We founded an association called Regnbuen (Rainbow) and our goal is that gays and lesbians can be buried next to each other,” Ivan Larsen told AFP.

The association has rented spots that can hold up to a total of 45 urns at Assistens cemetery. Each space costs 2,500 kroner (335 euros, 526 dollars).

The cemetery already hosts figures as diverse as the Danish fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen and the philosopher Soeren Kierkegaard.

The area the group has booked is separated from the rest of the cemetery by a large triangle of pebbles on the ground, with a massive rock placed on one of the angles.

“The triangle is our old symbol, but it is also a sign of suffering,” Larsen said, recalling that the Nazis forced homosexuals to wear a pink triangle.

The rainbow flag, a universal symbol for homosexuals representing diversity, will be placed on the rock, he added.

“We don’t want to isolate ourselves but we also feel a need to be together. We see this as a family grave, one that will be taken care of by our family,” said Larsen.

Meanwhile, Danish accounts are picketing outside parliament for the right to be buried together. “Why are we not allowed to have our own cemetery space?” asked Danish Accountants for Fairness leader, Lars Numbernein. “All of our lives we’ve been discriminated against because of our lack of sense of humour and appalling dress sense. We too want the camaraderie of being buried together with people who love and appreciate tax returns, expense claim forms and all things actuarial.”

Not to be outdone, supporters of perennial Danish Superliga winners F.C. Copenhagen are also lobbying for thier own cemetery space. Speaking to News of Denmark, F.C. Copenhagen’s number one ticket holder Lars Larsen said, “Who else would we want to be buried with than people who gave their heart and soul to the great club F.C. Copenhagen? We buried our opponents with avalanches of goals and now we want to be buried together.”

Concerned that they might miss out, the Danish Fans of Star Wars Club jumped on the bandwagon with spokeswookie Lars Lucas stating…

The whole thing is completely ridiculous. Why Denmark’s gay community thinks there’s any merit to having its own cemetery space is beyond me.

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