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>Midget Cup draws ire of the perennially outraged

>Here’s another example of the outrage-du-jour baiters getting on their high, moralising horses and carrying on about what is nothing more than a bit of harmless fun that was enjoyed by all involved.

A piggy-back race with dwarfs dressed as jockeys has been slammed by critics as offensive and derogatory.

Critics tend to slam things. That’s what they do.

Thousands watched the race at a Cranbourne racetrack in Victoria, dubbed the “midgets’ cup”, as part of Sunday’s Cranbourne Cup meeting, Adelaide Now reports.

They were simply having a lark and, it could be argued, raising awareness of midgets. Were there any critics on track? Did the crowd mind?

Three men raced down a 50m stretch with a short statured person on each of their backs.

Why use ‘short statured person’ now when the writer used ‘dwarf’ in the first sentence? Who the hell knows what a short statured person is? I’m well over six foot so anyone below about 5′ 6″ is short to me.

The race ended with one “jockey” falling and crashing headfirst into the dirt but he was uninjured.

Would there have been more outrage had he been injured? Why not write, “The race ended with one “jockey” falling and crashing headfirst into the dirt, which made him laugh like a bastard along with the crowd of enthusiastic midget race watchers.”?

Victorian racing minister Rob Hulls said he couldn’t understand the point of the race.

Rob Hulls doesn’t understand anything when it comes to socially acceptable norms, which is why he’s fighting so hard to get jumps racing banned.

“At a time when racing should be fighting hard for that discretionary dollar and fighting hard to get young people back to the track, this type of event does nothing to promote the industry as vital, modern or innovative,” he was quoted by Adelaide Now as saying.

Can Mr Hulls point to anything he does support that promotes the industry as vital, modern or innovative? Platitudinous twat.

Meredith Tripp, a former president of the Short Statured People of Australia association, told the newspaper that events that made fun of short statured people made it harder for them to go through life without being subject to ridicule.

There’s such as thing as the Short Statured People of Australia? When a baby is born with dwarfism does the doctor tell the parents that it’s short statured or dwarfed? Can we rename dwarf stars to short statured stars? These people are lunatic. And why go to a former president? What’s the current president got to say about it?

“For a big corporate group seeing some sort of comical side to such an event is unfortunate,” she said.

Because nobody would see the comical side to something like the Australian Team marching at the 2009 World Dwarf Games opening ceremony in Belfast…

…or midgets playing basketball? Nothing could be unfunnier.

I’ll tell you something that the Dwarves do have right – the distances of their track races: 10m, 20m, 40m, 60m and the marathon 100m. I could just about handle the first couple of those. Their field games include tennis ball throw, frisbee throw and cricket ball throw. I reckon the Olympic Committee should be talking to them.

Cranbourne Racing Club said it received no complaints about the race on the day.

Oh, hoooooooo….! Thousands and thousands of people, no doubt representing a broad section of Australian society, as racing invariably does, make not one complaint?

The dwarves involved apparently had a whale of a time.

So how did the faux outraged issue-baiters know about the event? Obviously, some patron who was too gutless to complain at the time has tipped them off.

These people need to get over themselves.

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