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>Climate Change – Dying but not Dead

>Krumhorn reminds me in comments to review the latest nail in the climate astrology coffin being banged in by Steve McIntyre. Namely, the fabrication that is Keith Briffa’s Yamal data set.

For the uninitiated, the Yamal tree ring data set is a critical requirement in order to create a temperature Hokey Stick of the type first introduced in the IPCC’s Third Assessment Report and made iconic by Al Gore’s bullcrap fantasy An Inconvenient Truth.

Climate ‘science’ is a corpse only being kept alive by those whose noses are stuffed firmly in the trough of public funding.

The divergence between the data available and what Briffa chose to use is not the only divergence in the climate astrology debate.

The greater divergence is between what the science is telling us and what our political masters are doing about it.

On the one hand it is becoming more and more obvious that CO2 has a negligible impact on our climate and that solar influences is doing all of the dirty work while on the other the world’s major emitters are pushing the climate hot potato around and proposing more and more expensive solutions hoping to trap their trading partners into having to make concessions.

The Chinese have played a corker of a hand. Forgot the World Poker Tour, these guys out-poker everyone. They’ve now offered to reduce CO2 emissions per unit of GDP.

Ha! Gotcha, US and Europe!

That means they can simply proceed as per current course and speed while forcing the US and Europe to impose a financial burden that can only work to the benefit of China (and India, Russia, Brazil etc).

Meanwhile, our erstwhile economic wrist slashing politicians here at home continue to bang on about introducing an emissions trading scheme in advance of any decision at Copenhagen.

What a pack of immoral bastards.

It shows how incompetent our opposition is that they can’t come up with the morally correct position, which is to explicitly state that they are not going to support the loss of any Australian jobs until the rest of the world has a concrete agreement.

The way things are working out now China, India and Russia etc will get rewarded for having kept their populations in penury for decades due to their socialist governments, as well as pay no price for the use of technology developed by the West.

Excuse me while I work out how to rationalise all that.

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  1. October 3, 2009 at 4:09 am

    >It is the worst kind of immorality and chicanery. And in the process they destroy any institution that can serve their needs.But they mean oh-so well.In a rational world, these brigands would be forever discredited. Maybe they will eventually. But not in our lifetime.–Krumhorn…..

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