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>A bunch of climate change graphs

>Here are a bunch of graphs I’ve cherry-picked from icecap that not only show a clear downward trend in temperature but also demonstrate why it is happening, as well as predicting cooler times ahead.

Solar activity + ocean data suggest cooling

Be10 record proves solar influence

Guest post by David Archibald

A couple of years ago on Climate Audit, I undertook to do battle with Dr Svalgaard’s invariate Sun using Dye 3 Be10 data. And so it has come to pass. Plotted up and annotated, the Dye 3 data shows the strong relationship between solar activity and climate. Instead of wading through hundreds of papers for evidence of the Sun’s influence on terrestrial climate, all you have to do is look at this graph.

All the major climate minima are evident in the Be10 record, and the cold period at the end of the 19th century. This graph alone demonstrates that the warming of the 20th century was solar-driven.

The end of the Little Ice Age corresponded with a dramatic decrease in the rate of production of Be10, due to fewer galactic cosmic rays getting into the inner planets of the solar system. Fewer galactic cosmic rays got into the inner planets because the solar wind got stronger. The solar wind got stronger because the Sun’s magnetic field got stronger, as measured by the aa Index from 1868.

Thus the recent fall of aa Index and Ap Index to lows never seen before in living memory is of considerable interest.

Sun v CO2


How are those hurricanes looking?

More CO2 = fewer hurricanes?

That’s a bit unexpected for the Climate Faithful, isn’t it?

These data show how inured to reality the climate movement has become.

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