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>How much is a trillion?

>So how much is a trillion US dollars?

Here are a few ways to think about it:

It’s a billion 40″ LCD TVs. The US could give a TV to every household in the world that didn’t have one.

It’s 25 billion pairs of Jessica Strappy Sandles. Women might think that’s a good deal.

It’s the cost of raising 5 million children to the age of 17. Someone should think about that.

It’s 500 million Craftsman ride on mowers – with headlights. It’s important to keep the grass cut in poor economic times.

It’s 16 million Chevrolet Corvettes. If there’s going to be a meltdown then at least you can enjoy your wheels.

It’s the GDP of the following countries, which gives one pause for thought…

It’s 250 times the GDP of Zimbabwe, Malawi or Fiji…

It’s 3,333 sequels of Pirates of the Caribbean!

Give the money to Walt Disney, I reckon, and at least we can enjoy miserable economic times.

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