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>Hamas would kill more if they could

>The intellectual minnows on the left who bleat on about Israel’s ‘disproportionate’ response to Hamas lobbing thousands of rockets into its territory in the hope of killing as many Jews as they can miss an important point.

Hamas would kill more if they could.

Thousands more.

The fact that most of the Hamas rockets do little damage is described by many on the left as nothing more than an annoyance, an inconvenience to be stoically borne by Israel.

In making the statement they demonstrate their understanding that Israel is ‘better than that’; a society that has higher standards than their opponents and therefore should show restraint.

How do we know that Hamas would kill more if they could?

Because they have a long history of suicide bombing attacks inside Israel that resulted in scores of dead Israelis – mostly young people in nightclubs and people on public transport – and always with the goal of inflicting as much death as possible.

There’s a reason why Israel built the Israel-Gaza Strip and Israel-West Bank barriers.

I commented on the idiotic issue of proportionality yesterday but, in fact, for Israel to be truly proportionate they would need to:

  • Fire thousands of randomly targeted rockets into Gaza
  • Send in suicide bombers to blow up as many Gazans as they can
  • Use women and children as human shields against incoming rockets
  • Fire their weapons from schools and hospitals
  • Store ammunition in people’s houses
  • Use ambulances to transport troops
  • Employ a bunch of people to stage photos and fake videos for the world’s press
  • Talk about a two state solution while doing everything they can to avoid ever having to implement one
  • Siphon off hundreds of millions of dollars in donor aid to private bank accounts
  • Spend the rest on weapons

Hamas, and their soulmates on the left in the West, truly are pieces of human excrement.

Let’s hope that Israel has the determination to flush them into the sea.

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