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>Sunday night rock ‘n’ roll

>10cc were an English Art rock/Pop band that achieved their greatest commercial success during the 1970s.

The band initially comprised four members, Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, who had written and recorded together for about three years before taking on the name of 10cc in 1972. The lineup featured two strong songwriting teams who injected their songs with sharp wit and lyrical dexterity. The more “commercial” team of Stewart and Gouldman were generally fairly straightforward “pop” songwriters, who created some of the group’s most accessible material. The experimental half of 10cc was Godley and Creme, who brought a distinctive “art school” sensibility and a more “cinematic” writing style to the group. All four members were skilled multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, writers and producers and each could perform convincingly as lead singers.

The original line-up recorded four albums and a string of Top 10 singles. The band suffered a split in 1976, when Godley and Creme left to form Godley & Creme, leaving Gouldman and Stewart to continue touring and recording as 10cc with a variety of musicians including Rick Fenn, Stuart Tosh, and Andrew Gold enlisted for each album.

The band experienced a nine-year hiatus from 1983, before releasing two more albums. There have been no albums since 1995 and Stewart has declared the band is defunct. Since about 2004, however, Gouldman has toured sporadically with several peripheral band members, billing themselves as “10cc featuring Graham Gouldman and Friends”.

I’m Not In Love is the ultimate rock ballad, in my view, and Feel The Benefit contains a really great riff. Everyone remembers Dreadlock Holiday and Rubber Bullets. A terrific band.

I’m Not In Love

Feel The Benefit

Dreadlock Holiday

Rubber Bullets

(Nothing Follows)

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