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>It’s all over

>It’s all over.

The 2008 US Presidential race, that is.

Who would have thought that the good ship SS McCain would be sunk by a torpedo fired in 1977 by Jimmy Carter?

That’s what happened when the Carter administration initiated Community Reinvestment Act, supercharged by Clinton’s further deregulation, reached the only outcome it ever could, bringing down some of Wall Street’s biggest names along the way.

There’s a Republican in the White House and the buck stops with him, as Harry Truman would say and the American voter would agree.

As I pointed out the other day, barring a major scandal Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States.

Check out the current opinion polls and betting market.

Gallup (Obama 50-42)

Rasmussen (Obama 50-45)


The real threat to the US lies not only in the inevitability of an Obama presidency but also in the fact that with such a sentiment sweeping the nation the Democratic Party may pick up the required number of Senate seats to be able to ram through any legislation they want.

And then we’ll really see the US economy tank.

Unfortunately, we’ll all pay the price.

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