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>What is more important in the 2008 US election?

>What is more important?

The scar on John McCain’s face or the Rezko scar on Barack Obama’s reputation?

John McCain’s attempt to strengthen the oversight of Fannie and Freddy or Barack Obama’s status as second largest recipient of political donations from them?

The number of houses John McCain owns (that were purchased with Cindy’s and his own money) or the source of finance for Barack Obama’s house?

John McCain’s long history in support of free speech or the Obama campaign’s frequent attempts to use the law to shut down their political opponents?

John McCain’s ‘reform’ or Barack Obama’s ‘change’?

John McCain’s desire to see a market bail out not paid for by taxpayers or the Democratic Party leadership’s attempt to attach pork to the bill that would not only see shale oil drilling continue to be banned but give hundreds of millions of dollars to ACORN?

What is more important?

The real mother of Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome child or Barack Obama’s friendship with terrorists Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn?

Sarah Palin having Trig when he was prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome or Barack Obama’s support of partial birth abortion?

Sarah Palin originally being for the Bridge to Nowhere or Sarah Palin killing the Bridge to Nowhere when the full scale of the corruption became apparent to her?

Sarah Palin being a heartbeat away from the presidency or Joe Biden being an impeachment away from the presidency?

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