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>Mr Obama, Mr President

>There is little doubt that John McCain is the better candidate for president in 2008.

However, there’s no point listing his superiority over Barack Obama in terms of experience, competence and knowledge.

There’s no point analysing McCain’s superior ideology, founded in the greatness of the United States, with Obama’s Eurocentric ‘global citizen’ philosophy.

There’s no point reading the conservative commentators who accurately distill the issues in this election into informative and entertaining columns in order to sway people’s opinions.

There’s no point trying to work out who won the presidential debate; McCain was expected to win easily, landing a knockout blow on his inexperienced interlocutor. It didn’t happen, which only serves to strengthen Obama’s position.

There’s no point highlighting Youtube videos of Barack Obama blathering on like a man trying to win a stammering competition. The general view is that he is a terrific speaker; people don’t care that he needs a teleprompter.

There’s no point analysing the root causes of the financial market crisis and quite rightly demonstrating that the majority of the blame rests with Democrats and, especially, senior Democrats such as Barney Frank who resisted George W Bush’s and John McCain’s attempts to tighten regulations around Freddy and Fanny. There’s a Republican president and therefore he takes the blame. Remember Harry S. Truman’s aphorism – “the buck stops here”.

The current Betfair market is as follows:

$1.51 Barack Obama
$3.00 John McCain

With only six weeks until the election this is an impossible advantage to overcome barring a huge scandal from the Obama campaign.

It makes me think that the polls showing Obama with a 6-7 point lead such as the latest from Gallup are correct.

If Obama makes any mistakes then they will be papered over by a mainstream media that is so deeply in the tank for him that they need SCUBA gear. Naturally, any mistakes from the McCain/Palin team, no matter how trivial, will be blown out of all proportion in the media.

We had a similar situation here in Australia at the last federal election that saw a change of government when the media embarrassed itself with its support for now prime minister Kevin Rudd and failed in its duty to provide balanced, apolitical reporting.

Using the Realclearpolitics’ electoral map tool and having a look at how the race will end up I come up with the following as the result of the election.

I can’t see any way for John McCain to win this election. He has too much baggage to overcome.

Therefore, Barack Obama will be elected as the United States’ 44th president on November 4.

President Obama.

Get used to it.

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  1. September 28, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    >I don’t see it, Jack. The dirty little truth is that the white working class Dems (the Reagan Democrats) are just not telling pollsters the truth about how they plan to vote. We saw it in every primary that Lord Obama over-polled by 5%-10% going in.Also, the RealClear averages are mostly of registered voters…not likely voters.If we start seeing The Messiah with an 8%-10% advantage among likely voters, then it will be time to store in dry goods and bottled water and vats of beans for the next 4 years. Also lots of ammo.—-Krumhorn

  2. September 28, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    >Krum,I saw some analysis done recently that showed Obama didn’t over poll by any significant amount in the primaries with the thrust of the article being that people are now more honest about their voting intentions than previously (especially when a lot of the polling is done electronically).

  3. September 30, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    >It was certainly the case that in almost 30 primaries, the exit polls overstated Obama’s vote. Plus, and while not directly part of the “Wilder” effect, polling discriminates against the views of those who won’t respond to a pollster. Those are often conservative voters. And white working class Dems.By making this point, I’m not celebrating that there may be voters out there for whom racial consideration are at play. In fact, they may be acting less on racial animus than they are fearful of the tacit rebuke of implied racial animus when they are found to have not voted for the black candidate from their own party.Obama should, by all accounts, have a commanding lead in this current political climate. That he doesn’t is evidence of his essential weakness and, even then, the polls aren’t telling the whole story. I believe that this will manifest itself most strongly in traditionally liberal Jewish precincts such as Palm Beach county or Brevard county where that vote one way or the other will make a big difference. The same in Michigan and Pennsylvania and Ohio. Obviously, NY will vote for Lord Obama regardless.—-Krumhorn…..

  4. November 6, 2008 at 5:50 am

    >Wow… It’s just utterly fantastic how pure unadulterated ignorance combines so flawlessly in your minds with a complete inability (and unwillingness) to educate yourselves on even the most simple of matters. If you spent even five minutes with an actual intention of verifying even one of your pathetically inaccurate claims you couldn’t possibly come to the conclusions you have about McCain being a superior candidate. Go visit the swamplands of Alabama dipshits — your intellectual equals reside there. You don’t deserve this country.

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