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>Who really is paying all of those taxes?

>It’s axiomatic to the world’s left that the rich don’t pay their fair share of the tax burden.

How, then, do they explain the following (US figures)?

The top 50% of the country’s taxpayers pay 97% of all taxes?

Seems a tad unfair to me. What happened to the other 3%?

No doubt that 3% is what Democrats call ‘economic justice’.

How have the rich done since George W Bush introduced his tax cuts?

Tax cuts have led to high income earners paying more tax?

Shhhhh….don’t let the mainstream media know. Heads will explode…

So who got the biggest cuts in tax from George W Bush?

Not those at the bottom of the scale? Surely not? The president only cares about oil companies and Haliburton, doesn’t he?

It’s a wonder that the left hammers the president so hard for taking from the rich and giving to the poor…

…I guess they’re still waiting for a 100% tax regime such as they have in Cuba or had in the Soviet Union…

If you are on the left and think that you can help the poor by taxing the rich even more then look and learn from the real effect of tax cuts on an economy.

Cut taxes and help the poor.

Raise taxes and hurt the poor.

By the way, an emissions trading scheme is equivalent to a tax hike.

Will that help those at the bottom or hurt them, do you think?

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  1. August 3, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    >People are enamored with the rhetoric of “free”. So free heathcare will be free to the nontaxpayers and the rest of us will foot the burden. What isn’t obvious is the definition of who the “rich” really are. People like to think of Paris Hilton when they are discussing wealth, but by the definition of the DNC, anyone making $100K is rich. I am a teacher, I make $45K, my husband is in sales and makes around $55K. We have three kids in college, which we pay for because we are not entitled to financial aide because we are “rich.” The really wealthy will offshore their wealth or tie it up in commodities exempt from taxation. The alleged poor will skate on taxes. The middle class, like us, will pay more and higher taxes for a large spectrum of goods and services. Essentially, this will force the middle class into obedience as they sink lower in the economic scheme of things. That is what Obama and his merry band are all about.

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