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>Enviro-fundamentalists never factor in the power of free markets to solve problems

>The Law of Unintended Consequences must annoy unwashed, sandle wearing, hemp clad, earth first environmentalists by ensuring that solutions are found to the most hysterical of ‘problems’ that allow humanity to prosper rather than revert to some relatively advanced form of hunter gatherer society comprising only a few million on the planet.

The most glaring recent example is the increase in interest in nuclear energy as a means of solving the ‘CO2 crisis’. Nuclear energy is, of course, anathema to environmentalists – in spite of it having a most remarkable safety record and being so safe that if provides 75% of France’s energy requirements – and would never have made it onto the public agenda if it were not for Big Green’s attack on capitalism and freedom under the guise of taxing carbon. Wind and solar energy are the solution cry these misanthropic scientific muppets who refuse to accept the appalling efficiency of both forms of energy when compared to nuclear.

We’re repeatedly told to use less water, recycle more (as if that helps) et blah in order to ‘help’ the planet. People are off their rockers, really, when you look at the facts involved. We’re also told to use less energy and here in Australia the government is intending to introduce energy use reporting for business in a scheme that will see companies having to provide information to the government on how much energy they are using. It’s actually completely barmy not to mention immoral.

Leaving that aside, the bleating has seen an increase in research into biofuels and the results are already looking really interesting. No longer will we have to drill for oil when there are such options available such as in the video below:

Bio-energy is an obvious alternative to nuclear and has the advantage of being able to power our cars and planes. Advances in genetic modification are seeing plants being grown that need very little water and produce an extremely high yield meaning that relatively small areas of land are required, which doesn’t need to be high fertility anyway, and the impact on food crops is removed.

None of this makes enviro-fundamentalists very happy, of course. Their whole argument is that there are too many people on the planet and that there are finite resources. It’s one of the great inanities of our time.

What must drive these people completely nuts, though, is that it’s the private sector – driven by free market capitalism – that is coming up with the solutions, as always…

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