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>Parents bash teenage bully – what is going on?

>What would have had to have gone on for a situation to get to this point? Unfortunately, it’s all too common that schools refuse to do anything about bullying in spite of all of the education system’s pronouncements otherwise. The other factor in play here is that it’s girl on girl bullying and the whole issue of bullying is focused on violent young males so there’s a reluctance to deal with it effectively. I have seen this exact situation first hand.

A couple has avoided jail after they confronted and bashed a 14-year-old girl who had been bullying their teenage daughter.

Stephen Lester Baker and his wife Suzane Maree Baker took matters into their own hands because they felt Queensland police and Beenleigh High School ignored their pleas for action, the Courier Mail reports.

The Bakers went searching for the bully — known only as Rachel — and cornered her in a park on April 3, 2006.

Stephen Baker punched Rachel four times in the face while telling her “no one hits my daughter”, prosecutor Nicholas McGhee told Beenleigh District Court.

His wife then grabbed the girl by the hair and hit her repeatedly.

The Bakers’ lawyers told the court the couple were frustrated by what they saw as inaction after a number of violent bullying episodes, including one where their daughter’s head was reportedly smashed against a toilet wall.

But Judge Ian Dearden said Stephen and Suzane Baker had acted appallingly and gave them suspended jail terms of six and three months respectively.

“Instead of looking for the bully, you should . . . (have been) driving to the police station,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

Judge Dearden said criminal charges could still be brought against Rachel.

Beating up a 14 year old girl is a long way from acceptable and there’s no condoning the couple’s action.

Equally culpable, however, is the education system that enables this type of bullying in the first place by allowing it to continue.

Charges should absolutely be brought against Rachel. If it was Robert instead of Rachel then they would be, for sure.

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  1. April 30, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    >Unfortunately you might want to look deeper in to the situation before condemning the parents entirely.Beenleigh High State School is natorious for bullying. For the two and a half years I attended there, I was constantly harassed both physically and emotionally from having clay thrown at me to having stuff stolen such as my wallet.The problem is that the teachers and the principle would constantly tell students like myself who kept getting attacked to simply “just ignore it” and they would end up uninterested. Unfortunately they never did.In the case for the girl who kept getting bullied, not only would the teachers or principle get involved with the bullying but when they went to the police for help, they wouldn’t help either. They decided to put a stop to it themselves because they had enough.It just goes to show just how terrible some schools really are. Beenleigh High State School is highly on the list of “unacceptable” schools when it comes bullying and the tactics teachers use to stop it (which havn’t worked in the past 10 years and won’t in the next 10).

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