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>The Islamification of France

>When a society decides to pursue equality of outcome over equality of opportunity then that society has abandoned its values system. When confronted with the backward, racist, sexist, homophobic and violent Religion of Peace the society’s non-values cannot hold off Islam’s bad values.

In the picture tells a thousand words category, check out the following couple of graphics showing the rise in the number of mosques in each department (the numbers on the map) from 1985 to 2008…

With a huge Muslim population that is particularly fecund, who’s willing to bet that France will survive as a free democracy through the next 30 years?

By the way, France is the world’s most disgusting free nation in terms of promoting peace and stability in the world. Their record in Africa is especially egregious and perhaps the Islamification of the place will be for the better.

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  1. March 20, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    >JackMy great grandfather lies in Department 80, only 11-20%. Maybe that won’t become another battle ground that it did in the Great War and WWII.The problem is people believing in religion. Unfortunately, it seems to be a human condition. People want to believe in things, be part of a group, and religion fits the bill for many. It’s hard to wean people off religion, and States don’t do their cause much good by making religion a sacred cow. Cannot touch.People become afraid of questioning religion when it has a power that the State will not address. Why the French are so emasculated, I’m not too sure. But I think the legacy of their many years of post war socialist governments might be the answer to that.That brings me back to the quote, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Have we been there before?Stevo

  2. March 23, 2008 at 2:13 am

    >Jack,I fear I must disagree with Anonymous. The problem is not belief in religion. The problem is lack in belief in one’s own culture and core values. France emerged from WWI with the largest and (supposedly) the most powerful standing army in Europe, but with no will to fight. Had she marched one division into the Rhineland when Hitler decided to reoccupy it, WWII might not have happened. It is the “Peace at any price”, “They don’t like us so it must be our fault” mindset that is the cause of Europe’s dilemma. France has chosen to bend over backward to smooch the backside of immigrants who have no intention of embracing French culture and becoming French. She has embraced the soothing dogma of Multiculturalism.Multiculturalism can work, but only if the multiple cultures can agree on a core set of values. There’s the rub and a very abrasive rub at that.Islam is diametrically opposed to everything the West holds (or used to hold) true and dear. Being as much (or more) a political ideology as it is a religion Islam requires that it must be the dominant doctrine wherever it exists. Appeasement only increases its appetite.Hopefully France and the rest of Europe will come to their senses before the inevitable bloodbath becomes a losing battle. The time grows short.

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