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>Raising awareness of a topic we’re clearly not aware of

>Is there anyone on the planet not aware of the supposed catastrophic impact, Al Gore’s “planetary emergency”, of global warming aka climate change?

A few months ago I did a Google news search to see how awareness was being reported and what activities are being done in its name.

First up, the kids at Charlettetown Rural High School are getting into it:

Charlottetown Rural High School has been selected to participate in an international climate change youth expedition later this year in Iceland by British Council Canada.

The expedition is part of Cape Farewell, an international climate awareness program created to bring scientists and artists together to address climate change.

The children. It’s always about the children. Indoctrinating children is the first sign of a totalitarian ideology.

Naturally, polar explorers are useful in the propaganda war:

Via long-distance conference call, Will Steger, an explorer and environmental activist, encouraged young people to curb global warming before he set out on another polar expedition to witness its effects.

Steger conducted the call from a station in northeast Canada before embarking on a 1,400 mile trek on dogsled across Ellesmere Island, the northernmost point of the North American continent.

Accompanying Steger is a group of six young people ages 21 to 28 from four different countries, who as a team, will attempt to raise more global warming awareness.

“The goal of the expedition is to take our audience to the very front lines of the ice shelves,” Steger said. “Every ice shelf I’ve traveled on has collapsed considerably.”

I suppose they would collapse. That’s pretty much what they do and have done since time immemorial. Good luck on the awareness raising adventure for the six ‘young’ people travelling with him.

In the Philippines they’re raising awareness by participating in Earth Hour. What an embarrassing contribution to the awareness campaign Australia has made.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)-Philippines is encouraging every Filipino household to switch off their lights and electrical gadgets when the “Earth Hour” strikes at 8 p.m. on the 29th as a way of joining global efforts to address climate change.

To manifest the country’s participation in the global movement, a portion of well-lit Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City will be plunged into darkness simultaneously with Sydney, Toronto, Chicago, Copenhagen and 28 other cities across the world, said the environmental group.

“Earth Hour is about awareness-raising and empowering people to make a difference, while aiming for a 5-percent reduction in power usage,” said Gregg Yan, WWF-Philippines information and communication officer.

The global movement was first launched in Australia on March 31, 2007, moving 2.2 million people and 2,100 business establishments in Sydney to shut off all the lights for one hour.

Even Sydney’s famous landmarks such as the Harbor Bridge and Opera House descended into darkness.

Yan said the collective effort reduced the city’s energy consumption by 10.2 percent, which had the equivalent effect of taking 48,000 cars off the road for an hour.

Um, Yan must be unaware that Sydney’s Earth Hour actually saw an increase in energy consumption for the day, as people gorged on energy in the few hours before the switch off putting the day’s energy use well above average.

For those of you who are into cognitive dissonance in a big way there’s money to be made. How?

Join an international consulting firm’s climate change arm as a Business Development Manager.

You will need to have business development management experience – that’s sales experience, folks, the evil capitalists – and an “Extensive network of clients and key players relating to climate change and its impacts.”

Climate Change/Global Warming are euphemisms for anti-capitalism/anti-free markets so it must drive the Climate Faithful nuts that capitalists are profiting from the whole scam.

But then again, it’s always been about the money.

Raise awareness of the myth of man made global warming, charge for your services. Sounds like a good scam to me.

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