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>Aussie Oscar winner Eva Orner is a coward

>It should come as no surprise that yet another entertainment industry figure has taken a swipe at the current US administration. It seems to be how they earn their credibility points in the Hollywood social set.

The fact that it’s an Australian is upsetting insofar as few of us – even those who disagree with the war in Iraq – would describe President Bush as a war criminal.

Oscar winner Eva Orner has described the US government as a “bunch of war criminals”.

The Australian filmmaker won the Academy Award for best feature documentary as co-producer of Taxi to the Dark Side, a film about the US government’s use of torture in its war against terror.

The documentary features interviews with US soldiers who participated in the torture of suspects in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

Ms Orner said she did not blame low-ranking soldiers for such behaviour.

“Obviously, everyone’s responsible for their own actions, but you put people in bad situations who are ill-equipped, not trained, under enormous pressure and getting orders from above to do bad things,” she told ABC Radio from Los Angeles today.

“I don’t really believe it is terribly much their fault, it comes from much higher sources.

“The current administration are a bunch of war criminals and they need to be stopped. People need to know what’s going on.”

Ms Orner said she was surprised such a dark film – directed by Alex Gibney – had won the Oscar.

Why would she be surprised when such rubbish as An Inconvenient Truth and Farenheit 9/11 won awards?

“This is one of the toughest films I think either of us has made,” she said.“It wasn’t a lot of fun.”

Resting on the desk in her hotel room was the shiny Oscar Tom Hanks presented to the 38-year-old at the 80th Annual Academy Awards ceremony at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre.

It wasn’t a dream, she thought, looking over at the statuette.

New York-based Orner and her American filmmaking partner, Alex Gibney, won the documentary feature Oscar for Taxi to the Dark Side, an expose on the US government’s use of torture in its war on terrorism.

Orner is both a Moral Idiot and Cowardly Piece of Crap.

It’s not brave to attack the US administration or the military.

If she wants to really support truly moral positions and be brave then why doesn’t she do a documentary on:

– Saddam Hussein’s torture regime, which included feeding people into tree shredders;
– Fidel Castro’s regime of suppression, torture and murder;
– The concentration camp disguised as a country – North Korea;
– The human rights abuses, especially against women, occurring all over the Middle East; or
– The 10,000+ acts of terror carried out in the name of Islam since 9/11?

No. That would take real courage. That would require a real understanding of the world. That would require an ability to understand evil.

And those are traits that she lacks.

It seems that when people become part of the Hollywood set they don’t mature and grow up, they grow down. Listening to their rantings is like listening to a bunch of rich, narcisstic school kids.

Looking for bravery? Avoid Hollywood.

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