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>Trouble with my internet provider has been a bit frutstrating lately. Hopefully not too far away from a return to normalcy.

Anthony Watts reports on the dearth of sunspots that will lead to a significant period of global cooling:

I’m writing this after doing an exhaustive search to see what sort of solar activity has occurred lately, and I find there is little to report. With the exception of the briefly increased solar wind from a coronal hole, there is almost no significant solar activity.

The sun has gone quiet. Really quiet.

It is normal for our sun to have quiet periods between solar cycles, but we’ve seen months and months of next to nothing, and the start of Solar cycle 24 seems to have materialized (as first reported here) then abruptly disappeared. The reverse polarity sunspot that signaled the start of cycle 24 on January 4th, dissolved within two days after that.

…Given the current quietness of the sun and it’s magnetic field, combined with the late start to cycle 24 with even possibly a false start, it appears that the sun has slowed it’s internal dynamo to a similar level such as was seen during the Dalton Minimum. One of the things about the Dalton Minimum was that it started with a skipped solar cycle, which also coincided with a very long solar cycle 4 from 1784-1799. The longer our current cycle 23 lasts before we see a true ramp up of cycle 24, the greater chance it seems then that cycle 24 will be a low one.

No wonder there is so much talk recently about global cooling. I certainly hope that’s wrong, because a Dalton type solar minimum would be very bad for our world economy and agriculture. NASA GISS published a release back in 2003 that agrees with the commonly accepted idea that long period trends in solar activity do affect our climate by changing the Total Solar Irradiance (TSI).

Some say it is no coincidence that 2008 has seen a drop in global temperature as indicated by several respected temperature indexes compared to 2007, and that our sun is also quiet and still not kick starting its internal magentic dynamo.

Folks, cold kills. Warmth gives life.

The science underpinning predictions of a downturn in global temperatures is profoundly more sound than that supporting a catastrophic upturn. If you truly believe in science – we understand exactly what reduced solar activity means – then you should at least consider the possibility of 50 years of cooling temperatures and the negative global consequences that will bring.

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  1. February 14, 2008 at 10:54 pm

    >Oh dear.You know the Sun has an eleven year cycle, yes? You know that right now is the minimum of that cycle, yes? So there are no sunspots to be seen right now. Is that unusual? If you’re a moron in a hurry you probably think so, but if you’re scientifically inclined you look at the data. Let’s look at the last sunspot minimum which occurred in late 1996. Here’s some data. Look at all those zeroes! From 13 September to 24 October that year there were no sunspots at all. Then a sunspot group appeared. After just three days, it disappeared. Was our mighty Sun dying? Thankfully no, and after two more weeks of solar silence more sunspots appeared. But a month later, the count was back to zero. Horror! Ah but no, more sunspots appeared. And so the story goes on.To claim that the current solar minimum is going to cause fifty years of global cooling is laughable in the extreme.And it’s a rare pleasure to read something so trite, banal, meaningless and wrong as Folks, cold kills. Warmth gives life..

  2. February 15, 2008 at 3:47 am

    >Dear mixed up Fudgie,Have a look at how many people die in Europe each year due to cold and compare that to what happens during a ‘heat wave’ (which is a lot cooler than a normal summer here in Australia).It’s about 10:1.Why?Cold kills.

  3. February 15, 2008 at 8:51 am

    >So seeing as you didn’t mention it I assume you now realise that claims of a fading sun are spectacularly wide of the mark.In Yakutsk in Siberia, there are no excess winter deaths at all, despite the fact that it’s one of the coldest inhabited places on the planet. How does that fit into your ‘cold kills’ philosophy?

  4. sfw
    February 15, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    >Jack don’t even waste your time with this dill. He is too stupid to even understand your point much less argue it.

  5. September 6, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    >The US government is holding off the supernova of our Sun under my direction and I am the man of wisdom right out of the book of Revelation. This is year 11 of the Apocalypse.The no sunspots problem was analyzed and a solution was found but the Sun may continue to darken for quite some time. This is the problem mentioned in the book of Revelation where a third of the stars darken by a third. Too much nickel is the problem and I found a nuclear catalyst solution. The too much nickel problem shall continue for the next 20 years and shall eventually cause an ice age.On August 31, 2008 the US government was testing a solar program for incoming supernova blast wave and built into that program was three days of darkness. Hurricane Gustov weakened instead of strengthened and I uncovered a plan to put the United States into marshal law. Apparently the US government was going to slam the level 5 hurricane into New Orleans and then declare marshal law. There were 16,000 national guard sent to the region according to the news.By the way I invented hurricane control several years ago. I know when the strontium goes into the clouds. Strontium hydroxide when sprayed into the clouds of a hurricane by air tankers drop it to a level 1. Now we have a solar program to do the same. Hurricanes are a beast twice conquered by me.

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