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>Daily Kos contributor KibbutzAmiad is a complete clown

>LGF has a link to a very funny piece by KibbutzAmiad Rightwing World: A trip through the Looking Glass in which he tells of his experience of reading right wing blogs over a period of a year.

It really does demonstrate the infantile intellectual level of today’s left, as represented at Daily Kos. There’s actually a very good reason why everyone on the left believe what he writes as true and everyone on the right has a good belly-laugh at what a complete clown he is.

What is the reason? The left is going to get a complete shock but here it is:

The right understands the left. The left does NOT understand the right.

In a post I did a year ago, The differences between Left and Right, I wrote:

The fundamental difference between Left and Right is that the Left thinks with its heart and the Right thinks with its head. To those on the Left, compassion and good intentions are what matter most. On the Right the most important consideration is ‘does it do good?’ This is why the Left thinks the Right is bad and the Right thinks the Left is wrong (as distinct from bad).

There’s a quote that is attributed to Churchill (apparently wrongly but nobody quite knows who said it first) that goes along the lines, “If you’re young and not on the left then you have no heart. If you’re middle-aged and not on the right then you have no brain.”

It’s also worth pointing out that most men don’t ‘grow up’ until they’re 30 while some men never grow up at all. Women have things pretty well worked out by the time they’re 25 though I would say that the current Gen Y young people are probably going to test that point given the rampant narcissism from this new entitlement generation.

I then continued:

…(Churchill’s) pithy aphorism explains the bad/wrong view that Left and Right have of each other. The vast majority of the Right (more than 90%) when they were young had leftist ideals, from wanting to be good to the environment to helping the poor. However, there comes a time when young people begin to ‘grow up’ attitudinally, they begin to see the world as it really is and the gravitation to the Right is a natural result. This is how come the Right knows that the Left is wrong; it’s been there. Meanwhile, those on the Left continue to believe that all cultures are equal, that because their cause is morally good any negative results don’t matter and that equality of outcome is more important than equality of opportunity. This is why the Left thinks that the Right is bad; i.e. you don’t agree with my high moral values then you must be bad.

One can tell that KibbutzAmiad is yet to make it to 30 given the poor use of language in his piece and the fact that he clearly hasn’t, as the saying goes, been “mugged by reality”.

KibbutzAmiad starts off:

A year ago, I embarked on a dark and frightening journey. I began monitoring the Free Republic and Little Green Footballs, two of the more well – know right wing blogs. I felt like Frodo, unsure of what Ring Wraiths or other dangers I might encounter. Would I emerge as the political equivolent of a Stepford Wife? Would my ‘97 Buick suddenly sport a “Freedom isn’t Free” bumper sticker? Would I inexplicably develop an affinity for jingoistic country songs? Maybe this was a bad idea. I’m a bleak sort anyway, and who knows how long my Klonopin prescription would shield me.

He started on ‘a dark and frightening journey’ and wondered what dangers he might encounter? When I read left wing blogs, which I do all the time, I am not frightened by what I might read!

My goal: get some insight into the Bizarro World of political blogging, go through the Looking Glass and venture forth into EvilLand. I regularly read and post on progressive blogs, and had heard tell of another land, far away and frightening…. As a Jewish/pagan socialist homeschooler living in the JesusLand of the north (DuPage County, Illinois) I felt pretty well armed. I’d been swimming in the swamps of Christian reconstructionism via the homeschool community, after all – what better armor could I ask for? I figured I was prepared.

He lives in the Bizarro World that thinks global warming is a planetary emergency, Islamic terrorism is caused by US foreign policy and, in any case, should be treated as a police matter and all cultures are equal while at the same time wanting to tax business into non-existence in an effort to create equality. Of course, people like him won’t stop until we really are all equal – and all have nothing. Socialism killed over 100 million people in the 20th century and that’s without counting any of the wars that occurred. It takes a fair capacity for cognitive dissonance to dismiss this fact and still promote socialist ideals.

So let’s start with the obvious: many of the stories posted and comments on these blogs are racist beyond belief. Nearly every crime story posted there featured a criminal who’s name evoked comments about their ethnic origin, invariably African American or Hispanic (and all Hispanics are illegal aliens, or so the belief is in Freeper World). Theirs is a world in which almost all African Americans are welfare exploiting criminals raised in single parent homes, and Hispanics are mostly “illegal aliens” also sucking up undeserved government dollars and having multiple “anchor babies” while undermining American wages.

The articles about crimes are not racist. They are about crimes committed by people who use victimhood as an excuse. I defy KibbutzAmiad to find one racist post by Charles Johnson on LGF. Not only that but Charles has been very vocal in his condemnation of organisations such as the British National Party and Belgium’s Vlaams Belang because of their promotion of racist policies. I defy him to find an article on LGF supporting a position that “all African Americans are welfare exploiting criminals raised in single parent homes, and Hispanics are mostly “illegal aliens” also sucking up undeserved government dollars and having multiple “anchor babies” while undermining American wages.” The last point about anchor babies is quite a legitimate talking point. It’s hardly racist.

KibbutzAmiad is either deluded or a liar. Or both.

Freepers and Lizards use the exact same language about Muslims that the Nazis did about Jews. In Wingnut World, Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison is a traitor and an Islamist terrorist, and Barack “Hussein” Obama, as they call him, is often referred to as “Hussein” or “Osama”. Little Green Footballs wins the dubious award for religious bigotry here, with the posters screeching endlessly about “Mooslimes” and other crass descriptions of Muslims, endless sarcastic references to the “Religion of Peace” and characterizations of Muhammad as a child molester. They engage in frequent flights of fantasy whereby they, the “Lizards”, as they refer to themselves, engage in killing Muslims, and desecrating the Koran or mosques.

Lizards refer to Jews as nothing better than vermin – rats- as the Nazis did? Check out Der Ewige Juden to find out what the Nazis really thought or read Mein Kampf. It’s a long, long way from how the right, anywhere, refers to Muslims. It doesn’t surprise me that Kibbutz doesn’t understand the reality of his German National Socialist predecessors. Talking about race is not racism just as talking about women is not sexism and talking about gays is not homophobia. These are simply left wing labels used to stifle debate so that that substance of the argument does not need to be addressed. Islam refers to itself as “the religion of peace”, which is rightly pilloried by anyone with half a brain regardless of political disposition given Islam is responsible for more than 97% of all terrorist attacks that take place in the world. Why is talking about this FACT racist? For Kibbie’s edification, Mohammed married Aisha at age nine. Nine, Kibbie, nine…Islam defends this fact, which is anathema to any right-thinking person’s values.

His post continues on with more of the same misguided drivel and then he finishes with a fantastic piece of what is referred to as psychological projection:

If I had to sum up my view of wingnuts based on the blogs, I would use one word: Fear. They are afraid of everything and everyone who don’t exactly mirror themselves, or how they imagine themselves to be. And even then, even in the secure walled garden that is the right wing blog, they are unsure…newbies are highly suspect, and any newbie that doesn’t immediately fall into line tends to be quickly banned.

Read the whole thing for yourself. I thank KibbutzAmiad for his terrifying journey through right-wing-death-beast-land and for giving me the opportunity to highlight the intellectual immaturity of today’s left.

The most amusing thing about his post is that he probably sees it as the highlight of his contributions. The fact it’s completely inverted will remain hidden from him for years to come – unless he gets mugged by reality.

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  1. January 31, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    >I agree with your assessment 100%, and I posted a comment to that effect on LGF. :)I’ve been expecting Vlaams Belang to break out in a certain song for some time now: “Die Fahne Hoch….” While I don’t think there so clueless as to start singing the Horst Wessel in public, I don’t doubt they sing it in private. After all, the comrades who were shot by the Red Front and Reaktion march in spirit with them.:/–Steffan

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