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>Ninemsn still allows leftist poll fixing

>In recent times Australia’s Nine network has made like a Klingon Warbird and decloaked as an obvious supporter of leftist positions including the Kevin07 campaign and global warming. Listening to Ray Martin these days or watching 60 Minutes is an exercise is leftist political immersion.

I have a number of posts showing that Ninemsn polls have been fixed previously and every one has been to the position ‘owned’ by the left. I communicated with Ninemsn and received a response that my email had been forwarded to the correct department. I never expected a response but did hope that they would implement anti-stuffing technology so that their polls could develop a reputation for reliability.

The fact that they have not dealt with the matter and more actively promote leftist positions can only lead one to think that they’re happy with the polls being fixed in this manner.

The current example is in response to the question: “Should gay couples get equal rights under the law?”

Here are the screen shots:

1728 – Yes 19384, No 20740

2013 – Yes 38992, No 46997

2250 – Yes 43500, No 60902

And now to this morning’s update:

0741 – Yes 202619, No 79707

I often wonder whether a leftist organisation such as GetUp is behind the poll manipulation across the various media outlets.

Regardless of the source, Ninemsn has a duty to ensure that polls fairly reflect reality.

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