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>Rudd’s climate change lies

>While regularly pillioring the government for its failure to act on climate change in 11 years, which I have pointed out previously is simply a lie, Labor leader Kevin Rudd has now done a complete backflip by stating that a Rudd government wouldn’t agree to a carbon scheme that didn’t include developing nations post-2012.

This position has never been Labor Party policy. Their policy all along has been that they will ratify Kyoto and accept whatever is decided by the world body for Australia.

They even embraced Al Gore messianic vision and proudly display a video from the world’s most boring man on their climate change website and when he was here last month Gore publicly backed the ALP’s position.

Kevin Rudd has consistently made statements similar to what he said last month:

“Within a little more than a year we will have a new president in the US and I predict we will have one committed to also solving the climate crisis.”

Mr Rudd criticised the federal government for not ratifying the Kyoto Protocol 11 years ago and said failing to act would have a greater economic impact on Australia than on acting.

“The question farmers are asking me is: what are the long-term impacts of climate change on the ability of Australian agriculture to sustain itself?” he said.

Does Kevin Rudd believe that the world is facing a “climate crisis” if he is not going to ratify a post-2012 Kyoto agreement if developing nations don’t come on board. Surely, if it’s a crisis then he can’t have a bet both ways?

Does Kevin Rudd now believe that not acting on climate change will have a much greater economic impact than ratifying the expensive non-solution known as Kyoto? It has been clear all along that unilateral action by Australia, in absence of the developing nations, would be far more damaging to the Australian economy than what the government has proposed.

Is the symbolism of Kyoto now dead for Labor?

Thanks to Rudd’s untenable position, exposed in all its glory yesterday by Peter Garrett, it certainly appears to be.

Rudd has been telling lies on the issue of climate change since he took over as Labor leader.

Those lies are now coming home to roost.

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  1. October 31, 2007 at 9:41 am

    >Lies? What about “no GST” and “I wont mess up the country with Work Choices”. I recon you should have a bit of a think before you start throwing the Liar tag around.

  2. October 31, 2007 at 11:15 am

    >Howard won an election in which the central policy was the introduction of a GST.WorkChoices has been a powerful force for increasing employment in spite of the full court press by anti-jobs groups such as the union movement.Clown.

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