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>Climate change kayaker adds to number of morons standing for the Senate

>As if we needed any more single-issue cretins running for a seat in our Upper House now comes the story of yet another candidate who thinks that he can row into the Senate on the back of public support for action on climate change. I suspect that he will be sadly disappointed.

An environmentalist who kayaked from Brisbane to Adelaide to raise awareness of climate change will run for the Senate in the federal election.

I love these ‘raise awareness’ campaigns on climate change. Is there anyone in Australia who hasn’t heard of it?

Steve Posselt completed a four month journey along the Murray-Darling river system, during which he kayaked 2,170km and was forced by drought to walk 1,080km, pulling his kayak behind him on wheels.

One has to admit that it’s an impressive physical feat. It’s a pity his intellectual capacity is far less impressive.

The civil engineer, who decided to make the journey after a near-death experience last year, said politicians had failed so far to understand the environment and what was needed to tackle climate change.

I can assure you that politicians understand climate change completely. One side knows that it’s bunkum and has a ‘solution’ that doesn’t bugger the economy. The other side also knows the science is bunkum but sees it as a good political issue to attract some voters.

He said he was shocked during his journey at the level of ignorance in the community, particularly in the bush, on the environment.

Ignorance, apathy or an ability to understand reality? The latter, methinks.

“If we do not learn to stop destroying our environment, especially our water and air, then we are headed for big trouble,” Mr Posselt said.

“Somehow we must learn to use our water resources in a sustainable way.”

If piece of crap environmentalists hadn’t banged on like they have over the last 30-40 years and stopped the building of new dams then we’d actually have some water to sustain. The damage done to the environment by so-called environmentalists is a tragedy for us all.

“At present we seem to have created misery for a great deal of farmers through no fault of theirs.”

As long as the ‘we’ is the environmental movement then I wholeheartedly agree.

Mr Posselt said Australia needed a politician who understood water and was above party politics.

That’ll be a good slogan for his campaign. “Vote for me because I understand water.”

He will run for a Queensland seat in the Senate.

And he will lose.

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