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>Sunday night Aussie rock

>If Countdown was a regular fixture on your Sunday night viewing schedule and you didn’t buy a copy of The Radiators’ Scream Of The Real then you weren’t a genuine Aussie rock lover.

The Radiators are a one of Australia’s longest surviving original pub rock bands from Sydney, Australia, formed in 1978. Their best known songs include “Coming Home”, “No Tragedy” and “Gimme Head”…The Radiators have carved themselves a niche in the annuls of Australian Rock History, headlining, and sharing the stage with other great oz acts such as AC/DC, Midnight Oil, The Angels and INXS. Consistently delivering high quality shows (approaching the 3000 mark), the Rads have played to an estimated two million punters throughout Australia. They have made over 100 original songs, 2 platinum album sales and 2 gold albums…With the release in 1983 of the album “Scream of the Real”, it sent Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” off the Australian Number One Album position. The hit single off this album being ‘No Tragedy’. This saw The Radiators with three albums and one EP in the Top 100 Australian Album Chart at the one time.

Coming Home

No Tragedy

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