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>Arctic sea ice not static all year around

>When Climate Brown Shirts trot out their daily dose of dire drivel about glaciers melting due to global warming they always make sure to include dramatic video of glaciers calving into the ocean to support the reality of their argument.

Most people don’t know that this is an entirely natural phenomenon and takes place every summer. The following video animation shows the seasonal advance and retreat of sea ice over the Arctic from 2005-2006:

As you can see, the change in ice mass through a period of just a year or two is significant but it’s a natural cycle and nothing to be worried about.

Ever heard of Hubbard Glacier? Probably not. Hubbard Glacier is a tidewater glacier and, in spite of the aforementioned climate drivel, is busily advancing.

After a fairly static year in 2003, Hubbard picked up speed the last two springs. On May 3, 2004, the gap was estimated at 640 feet (195 meters). Last year, the gap closed from 1350 feet (410 m) in February to 660 feet (200 m) by mid-May.

That glaciers advance and retreat is completely normal. Just ask the guys that study this stuff – geologists – a group of people spectacularly skeptical about the global warming hysteria. I wonder why that is?

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