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>It occurred to me to do a Google news search on the phrase “global warming” to see what’s in the headlines. I think that the responses say quite a bit about the state of the debate.

Miller, Bachchan urge India to curb global warming
Xinhua, China
– Actress Sienna Miller and Indian superstar Amitabh Bachchan use their star power to ask India to drive its burgeoning economy into the ground.

Poll: Global Warming Top Environmental Problem
Environment News Service
– An unsurprising headline from these guys

Greenpeace plan nude global warming stunt
ABC Online, Australia
– Trust the Swiss to get back to nature by posing nude on a glacier to ‘draw attention’ to global warming. I’m not too sure global warming needs any more attention drawn to it given the wall to wall coverage it gets in the media.

Global Warming: How Do Scientists Know They’re Not Wrong?
FOX News – 17 Jul 2007
– Good for Fox News for asking the question!

Congress takes its first halting steps to confront global warming …
Houston Chronicle, United States – 17 Jul 2007
– Apparently, Alaska’s coastline is melting. Who knew?

Japan and Iran, Discussion on Global Warming
Journal of Turkish Weekly, Turkey
– I suspect that Iran’s idea of how to warm the globe is a little bit different to the current orthodoxy.

Calimesa City Council ponders local global warming remedies
Yucaipa/Calimesa News Mirror, CA
– That’s exactly what I do when I want to get the big issues solved. I give them to the local council to ponder.

Global warming predictions dire for state
Lexington Minuteman, MA
– The clowns from the Union of Concerned Scientists are at it again, claiming that in 100 years all Massachusetts residents will be living in South Carolina. I would have thought that most would be dead in Massachusetts.

CEOs Team Up to Fight Global Warming
Christian Broadcasting Network, VA
– You know there’s a dollar to be made if CEOs are lining up in support of it.

Global Warming now world’s most boring topic
The Age, Australia – 17 Jul 2007
– A true statement in a spoof article.

Doug Frost: Global warming has its upside
Kansas City Star, MO – 17 Jul 2007
– Uh, oh. Poor old Doug now has an environmental fatwa to contend with.

Don’t Ignore Global Warming
Harrisonburg Daily News Record, VA
– Thanks for the reminder. I knew there was something I’d missed.

Proper insulation slows global warming
Today’s Zaman, Turkey
– There’s no doubt about it. The Turks are on the ball. Insulate your house. Use less energy.

Save the planet with a vegetarian diet
Baltimore Sun, United States
– If eating meat means that I’m taking the planet with me then so long Gaia!

A brilliantly Swiss scheme to ignore global warming
Times Online, UK – 17 Jul 2007
– Snow making machines burn oil but add snow so it looks like the place isn’t melting. Hardly seems fair, does it?

Top Ways to Fight Global Warming
U.S. News & World Report, DC – 17 Jul 2007
– “You don’t have to stage benefit concerts on seven continents to do your part in the fight against global warming.” You don’t? You don’t?

BC teens’ skateboard trek aims to raise global-warming awareness
The Chronicle Journal, Canada
– More awareness raising. It really is an important issue, this ‘awareness’.

Nichols says governor wants her to fight for a cleaner environment
Los Angeles Times, CA – 18 Jul 2007
– I’d rather see her fight for the Miss California Old Hag’s Jelly Wrestling crown.

Global Warming Exacerbating Allergies
Daily Green
– For stuff sake, the temperature has gone DOWN since 1998. How the heck is it exacerbating allergies?

China Says Global Warming Hurting Rivers
Forbes, NY – 16 Jul 2007
– Seriously!!?? Global warming is somehow managing to divert the massive waste from China’s expanding manufacturing sector from its normal safe, clean recycling path into its formerly pristine river system.

We are all contributing to global warming: Mike Pandey
CNN-IBN, India
– Will somebody please set an example and stop using electricity and oil rather than gibber on about it being all our fault?

Group calls for action on global warming
Tuscaloosa News (subscription), AL – 18 Jul 2007
– That’s what Groups do.

Gray Whales Thinner: Global Warming Blamed
Hippy Shopper, UK – 18 Jul 2007
– But Gay Gray Whales have porked up a bit meaning they aren’t as welcome at the Blue Oyster Bar any more.

Voters want action on global warming
Hot Springs Village Voice, AR – 17 Jul 2007
– Voters want everything. It’s what we do.

Do something about global warming
LaCrosse Tribune, WI – 17 Jul 2007
– I am. I’m writing about what a crock it is. Thanks for the idea.

Long-haul flights blamed for global warming
Manila Bulletin, Philippines – 16 Jul 2007
– Will multiple short-haul flights overcome the problem?

‘Global warming cuts water levels in rivers’
Independent Online, South Africa – 16 Jul 2007
– I thought that was due to increased water use and things like El Nino.

DoT wages war vs global warming
Manila Bulletin, Philippines – 16 Jul 2007
– Good for DoT. Why does she capitalise the last letter in her name?

Global warming prompts freezing swim
RTE.ie, Ireland – 16 Jul 2007
– More efforts to raise awareness.

Global warming may bring hurricanes to Mediterranean
MRT online, Macedonia – 17 Jul 2007
– I thought that long-haul flights were the culprit.

The peril of global itching
Cincinnati Post, OH – 17 Jul 2007
– Look out! Poison ivy is getting more poisonous! Global warming to blame!

What It Would Take to Put the Brakes on Global Warming
Washington Post, United States – 14 Jul 2007
– Why not talk to a brakes specialist?

Dry Murray-Darling slows kayaker’s journey
ABC Online, Australia
– You guessed it. More awareness raising.

Global warming? It’s freezing
Daily Telegraph, Australia – 17 Jul 2007
– At least someone is pointing out that parts of Australia are freezing through the coldest month in 60 years.

That was fun and quite illuminating (by a mercury filled light globe, naturally). I’ll have to do it again sometime. I’ll focus on those articles about raising awareness and see what we get.

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    >Check out this US Carbon Footprint Map, an interactive United States Carbon Footprint Map, illustrating Greenest States to Cities. This site has all sorts of stats on individual State & City energy consumptions, demographics and State energy offices, State Taxes and more down to the local US City level…http://www.eredux.com/states/

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