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>Global warming is "codswallop"

>Martin Durkin, creator of the most controversial film of the 21st century – The Great Global Warming Swindle, writes for the Sydney Morning Herald:

I could not have upset the soft-left, soft-green middle classes more if I had crept in their kitchens and snuck genetically modified tomatoes in their paninis. Why did I make the film The Great Global Warming Swindle? The head of science programs at Britain’s Channel 4, Hamish Mykura (who has a PhD in environmental science), asked me to. He suspected the global warming alarm was not based on solid science. So did his predecessor, Sara Ramsden, who was also eager to make a film in this area. I was an experienced science documentary producer used to handling complex subjects.

I must admit that I’m a little bit amazed that Channel 4 would have a couple of highly qualified environmental scientists that doubt the man made global warming thesis. More power to them that they set out to test the reality of the so-called Deniers’ claims and air the results whichever way they came. Channel 4 clearly has more moral backbone than the BBC or Australia’s ABC, both of which carry on like spoilt children when faced with inconvenient truths such as the sun is causing or current warming period.

So what was our conclusion, after months of research that involved talking to hundreds of scientists and wading through mountains of science papers? It’s all codswallop.

Hundreds of scientists. Codswallop.

The notion of man-made global warming started life as a wild, eccentric theory and, despite throwing billions of dollars at it, scientists have failed to stand it up. Man-made global warming is unmitigated nonsense.

A hearty congratulations to the myriad of self-enriching, politically motivated, morally malnourished hypocrites posing as saviours of the environment for sending billions of dollars down the toilet while millions of Africans live in abject (albeit mostly self-induced) poverty.

This is not the first time scientists have talked rubbish. Absurd theories come and go in science all the time. A few years ago an ostensible consensus of scientists said one-third of the British population were about to pop their clogs because they had eaten dodgy hamburgers (the mad cow disease scare). Many scientists build whole careers talking out of their hats. But usually it goes unnoticed. There is no real harm done.

But global warming theory is different. It cannot be ignored. It is intruding into our lives to an extraordinary extent, shaping domestic and international policy in profound ways.

From mad cow disease to the non-existent heterosexual AIDs epidemic to the supposed risk of fluoride in the water to the completely fabricated DDT scare to peak oil to the population bomb, scientists have been doing a particularly good job of getting public policy dead wrong.

I urge readers to look at the evidence themselves. (We have assembled many relevant papers on a dedicated website, http://www.greatglobalwarmingswindle.com.) The global warmers try to discourage a close examination of the data. They say the time for debate is over, that there’s a consensus of scientists who say it’s definitely true. But this is rubbish. Check out http://www.oism.org and find an extraordinary petition carrying the names of 17,000 scientists who disagree.

Read the rest of the article. I can’t wait for the ABC to show the Great Global Warming Swindle just so I can see the unscientific, Climate Brown Shirts spit the dummy big time that the scam supporting their inflated status is the community is being exposed for the trumped up rubbish that it is.

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  1. July 10, 2007 at 8:58 am

    >What a load of crap.

  2. July 10, 2007 at 1:56 pm

    >Another brilliant piece of insightful analysis from the Left.”What a load of crap”Remarkable cogency. Scientifically unchallengeable. Morally superior.

  3. July 10, 2007 at 8:26 pm

    >What totally surprises me is that the leftard actually spelled “crap” correctly. An alternative spelling would be “gore”.

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