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>Sunday night Aussie rock

>Models were an alternative rock group from Melbourne, Australia, formed in August 1978 and splitting in 1987. Although often referred to as “The Models”, the group’s correct title was simply “Models”.

Models’ early style was a spiky, distinctive blend of New Wave, glam rock, dub and pop: their most notable features were Kelly’s strangled singing voice, Duffield’s virtuoso synthesiser performances (he used the EMS Synthi AKS, also notably used on Pere Ubu’s Dub Housing), and the band’s cryptic, slightly gruesome, lyrics (eg “Hans Stand: A War Record” from Alphabravocharliedeltaechofoxtrotgolf), which were mostly composed by Duffield and Kelly.

By June 1981 Johnny Crash had been replaced by Buster Stiggs, and the group released the 10″ album “Cut Lunch” (which consisted of demo tracks which had been particularly successful, including one track produced by Split Enz keyboard player Eddie Rayner), and, later that year, their second full-length album “Local And/Or General”, which was recorded in the UK. Both releases helped to widen their audience nationally, thanks to regular radio exposure on Triple J in Sydney and on community stations in other cities, as well as national TV exposure through their innovative music videos on programs such as the ABC’s Countdown.

Here’s a bunch of their better known tracks, starting with my favourite song of theirs, King of Kings. They really did have a clean, crisp sound.

King Of Kings

I Hear Motion

Out Of Mind Out Of Sight

Cold Fever


Hold On

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