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>Brown to lead the demise of Great Britain?

>I can’t remember commenting about it on Kerplunk previously but I have been saying to my friends that I think the ascension of Gordon Brown to the Prime Ministership of Great Britain will be the final nail in the coffin on that previously great country’s lurch into irrelevance.

Brown’s remarkable decision to prohibit his cabinet ministers from using ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’ and ‘terrorist’ in the same sentence seems to reveal a man completely devoid of strong personal values who aims to appeal mainly to the public sentiment in the same way as Bill Clinton did. Having wishy washy, androgynous EU values might be OK during times of peace and prosperity but when the world is facing an aggressor as determined as expansionist Islam I’m afraid that there is an urgent need for a far stronger moral backbone than Brown seems to have.

If one is not allowed to mention ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’ and ‘terrorist’ in the same sentence then how is one to describe the root cause of the terrorism? Is Brown being so cynical that he seeks to perpetrate the myths of Western oppression against Islam and poverty being the major grievances? How does Brown expect to tackle the issue of Islamic intolerance and violence if he’s not prepared to talk about where it’s coming from and what drives it?

How does one explain the following if not due to expansionist Islam?

  • London doctors’ attack
  • JFK airport bomb plot
  • Fort Dix attack plot
  • The plot to destroy airliners over the Atlantic
  • The Bali bombing
  • The London 7/7 bombings
  • The Madrid train bombing
  • September 11

Are these all simply the work of criminal gangs? It boggles the mind that people could seriously make that case.

Why are we bending over backwards not to offend Muslim sensibilities which are set at such a low tolerance level that cartoons and knighthoods set them off?

I commented yesterday that I am struggling to believe a moderate Muslim majority exists that doesn’t support acts of terror carried out in its name. If Brown intends to pander to this largely non-existent group of people then Great Britain, and Europe itself, is in even greater peril now than it has been since the rise of Nazi Germany.

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