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>Thailand Religion of Peace slaughter update

>The following is the list of attacks made in Thailand by Muslim terrorists, predominately in the south of the country from 8-Jun-06 onwards. It is an update of my original, longer post.
So far there are a staggering 57 attacks in my list.

What does the United Nations have to say about the slaughter being carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam? Oh, that’s right. Nothing. What a shock. I’m happy to hear from anyone with a link to a site where the UN has criticised Islamic terrorists in Thailand. I’ve searched the UN archives and can’t see anything.

27-Jun-07 A roadside bomb killed three people and wounded 17 in Thailand’s rebellious Muslim south as they were buying food on Wednesday, police said.

24-Jun-07 Suspected Muslim insurgents in southern Thailand fatally shot two paramilitary rangers and two Buddhists, then set their bodies on fire in two separate incidents on Sunday, police said.

23-Jun-07 Three teenage boys were killed and a Buddhist man slain and his body set on fire in separate attacks in Thailand’s restive southern provinces, police said Saturday.

22-Jun-07 Seperatist militants in southern Thailand shot a Muslim man and then partially severed his head, while the nation’s junta leader was visiting the region, police said today. The man, a 29-year-old local government official, was returning from evening prayers late Thursday when he was ambushed by suspected insurgents in Narathiwat province, police said.

19-Jun-07 A bomb exploded at a busy teashop in southern Thailand on Monday, wounding 13 people, police said. The bomb, hidden under a tree by the teashop near a government school in Yala province’s Bannang Sata district, seriously wounded four people, said police Lt. Yothin Wanthawee, who blamed suspected Muslim insurgents for the attack.

15-Jun-07 A roadside bomb and shootings killed seven soldiers Friday in one of the deadliest attacks on security forces this year in Thailand’s restive south, amid tightened security on a key anniversary of a 15th Century Islamic sultanate.

14-Jun-07 Three Muslim men were gunned down, while separatist insurgents set fire to 13 schools in Thailand’s Muslim-majority south, police said Thursday.

13-Jun-07 Suspected Muslim separatist rebels have killed four Buddhists and wounded eight soldiers in three separate attacks in Thailand’s rebellious south, police said.

08-Jun-07 One more dead and 23 injured in the south Thailand jihad: Woman killed in Thai tea shop blast. A bomb has exploded in front of a crowded tea shop in southern Thailand, killing one woman and injuring 23 other people, police said.


Insurgents opened fire on a police officer in the heart of a market in Narathiwat province, Thursday morning, riddling him with 14 bullets and killing him on the spot.

Muslim terrorists launched a spate of attacks in this southern border province, killing a Muslim teacher and a Muslim villager and injuring three officials.

At least 10 soldiers have been killed in a bomb attack by suspected militants in southern Thailand, officials say. The roadside bomb struck an army vehicle carrying around 12 soldiers as it drove through the province of Yala, the deputy governor said. The attack is one of the worst in the region in recent years. Another five people were killed in a separate incident in Songkhla province, when gunmen fired at local Muslims at a mosque, reports say.

A bomb planted on a motorcycle in a busy market in southern Thailand killed four people on Monday, the army said, the latest victims of a Muslim separatist insurgency in which more than 2,100 people have now died. “There are four dead and 23 injured, five of them seriously,” army spokesman Acra Tiproch said. Two of the dead were children.

Four Muslims have been killed by suspected Islamic rebels in separate shootings in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued south, police said Saturday.

Insurgents killed six people, including two teenaged boys, in separate shootings in Yala on Wednesday.

Insurgents shot dead a Buddhist man and burnt his body in an increasingly used atrocity in Yala early Tuesday, before detonating a bomb at police responding to the scene, wounding four people including a foreign photographer.

Suspected separatist rebels have shot dead five people in Thailand’s restive south, police said Sunday. Buddhist motorcycle mechanic and a Muslim villager were killed in separate drive-by shootings late Saturday in Yala province, local officers said.

Separatist insurgents on Monday shot dead a Thai-Buddhist couple working as fruit pickers in the majority-Muslim area of Bannang Sata, Yala provine and injured their three-year-old daughter, police said.

A Buddhist man was shot dead by suspected separatist militants on Thursday in Thailand’s restive south, police said, after two Muslims were killed overnight.

Seven soldiers were killed Wednesday in a bomb attack by separatist insurgents in Thailand’s restive south, military and police said.

Two security officers have been shot dead by suspected Islamic rebels in Thailand’s restive Muslim-majority south, police said Thursday.

Suspected Islamic insurgents in southern Thailand exploded a bomb at a busy night market and wounded 20 people Monday, police said. Earlier in the day, police found the bodies of two Buddhist villagers, one beheaded, apparently slain by Muslim rebels.

Suspected Muslim insurgents shot and killed two Buddhist laborers and then beheaded one of them as deadly violence and scattered bombings continued Wednesday in restive southern Thailand, police said.

A Buddhist woman was shot and burned alive in Thailand’s violence-torn Muslim-majority south on Wednesday, prompting angry protests in front of visiting army chief Sonthi Boonyaratglin.

SUSPECTED separatist militants have killed three people in Thailand’s restive south, including a Muslim man blown apart by a car bomb, police said today.

Four Muslim men have been killed in shooting attacks by suspected Islamic militants in Thailand’s restive south, police said Friday.

At least 13 people were injured in a bombing in Thailand’s mainly Muslim south, one of a string of overnight attacks by suspected Islamic separatists, officials said Thursday.

SUSPECTED Islamic rebels shot dead four Buddhists while three others were injured in separate attacks in Thailand’s Muslim-majority south.

Two soldiers were killed Wednesday in pre-dawn attacks by separatists in Thailand’s Muslim-majority south, police said, as the prime minister headed to the region.

Three Muslim schoolchildren were killed and seven injured in an attack by suspected insurgents at an Islamic school in restive southern Thailand, police said Sunday.

Suspected Muslim insurgents opened fire on nine Buddhists who were riding in a commuter van in Thailand’s restive south Wednesday, killing all of them execution-style, police said.

Suspected Islamic militants shot dead three workers from Myanmar and beheaded one of them during an attack on a construction site in Thailand’s Muslim-majority south, police said Monday.

Suspected Islamic separatists have killed three people in Thailand’s restive south, including one man they beheaded and set alight, police said Wednesday.

At least 28 bombs exploded Sunday in apparently coordinated attacks in parts of southern Thailand plagued by a Muslim insurgency, killing three people and wounding more than 50, the military said.

An ice cream vendor was killed and his headless body left sitting on the bicycle seat of his cart in Thailand’s rebellious Muslim south on Thursday, police said.

A Buddhist man in restive southern Thailand was beheaded by suspected Muslim insurgents who left a note by the body warning Buddhists to leave the area that has been gripped by bloody violence for three years, police said.

Five people have been killed by suspected Islamic separatists in Thailand’s deep south, as some schools reopened for the first time in a week after a wave of arson and bombings.

Insurgents shot a school director Friday afternoon in southern Thailand then set his vehicle on fire killing him in the flames, the English-language Bangkok Post newspaper website reported.

Hundreds of schools in Thailand’s restive south will shut their doors in response to increasingly vicious attacks by suspected Muslim insurgents against teachers and schools, an official said Saturday.

FIVE people were shot dead and one policeman was wounded in a string of drive-by shootings by suspected Islamic militants in Thailand’s restive Muslim-majority south, police said.

Eight bombs exploded almost simultaneously at car and motorcycle showrooms in restive southern Thailand on Thursday, wounding nine people, police said.

Militants detonated three small bombs at karaoke bars and at a roadside in Thailand’s rebellious Muslim south, wounding five people including two policemen.

Suspected Muslim insurgents in southern Thailand have burnt down three schools and shot and wounded a teacher.

Thailand’s interim prime minister publicly apologized Thursday for the former government’s hard-line policies against an Islamic insurgency, promising an investigation into allegations of human rights abuses by the administration deposed in a recent coup.

SUSPECTED Islamic militants today shot dead four Buddhists in two separate attacks in Thailand’s mainly Muslim south, where an insurgency has raged for more than two years, police said.

At least one Australian has been injured after a string of bombs tore apart a popular tourist area in Thailand, killing four people and wounding dozens.

Three bombs exploded almost simultaneously at two department stores and a hotel in the southern Thai town of Hat Yai on Saturday, wounding several people, police and the army said.

Muslim militants launched 23 coordinated time bomb attacks at commercial banks in this southern province Thursday, killing at least one man and severely injuring at least four bank customers, police said.

Four people are killed in two bomb attacks in southern Thailand, a stronghold of Muslim separatists.

Assailants carried out at least 40 bomb and arson attacks Tuesday night in Thailand’s three Muslim-dominated southernmost provinces, police said. At least three people were reported hurt.

A teacher has been shot and killed in front of a classroom of children in southern Thailand, according to police.

Six people, among them a retired policeman, were killed during the last three days in violent attacks in the restive South near Malaysia, police said.

A series of bomb attacks in Thailand’s Muslim south were launched by militants to coincide with a meeting of Islamic leaders in Central Asia next week, a top Thai security official said on Saturday.

Five security officers have been killed by a roadside bomb in Thailand’s south. They were attacked by a group of suspected insurgents, who ambushed them as they were guarding teachers on their way to a school in Yala province.

Thailand has become somewhat inured to the daily violence that has claimed more than 1,300 lives over the past two years, a startling death toll in a country that is still much better known for its beaches and massage parlors than its homegrown terrorism. But the beating of Jooling Pangamoon, who taught art at the elementary school, shocked the country, both because of its brutality and because witnesses say the group that abducted Jooling was led by women.

Police in the southern Thai city of Narathiwat have arrested an Indonesian man who was found in possession of explosives, sparking fears that Muslim fundamentalists are planning new attacks in the south of the country. A series of 72 bomb attacks by suspected Muslim militants were reported in the past two days in the southern provinces of Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani

A SERIES of bombs rocked police stations, a government office and a tea shop in southern Thailand early today, wounding at least two people, police said

A BOMB killed five policemen and wounded three in Thailand’s rebellious Muslim south today, police said.

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