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>Crap in, crap out. Welcome to climate science.

>Anthony Watts has been questioning the validity of temperature readings due to what appears to be a completely inappropriate placing of recording devices.

Check out how the device is placed at Marysville’s Fire Station.

Hmmm, asphalt. Doesn’t that get a little warm? Even in winter it’s much warmer than the surrounding environment.

It sure does look like a nice BBQ. Just the thing to increase temperature around the sensor.

Unsurprisingly, there’s an upward trend to the data.

Meanwhile, in Orlando, which is just 50 miles away, Anthony shows us what a proper recording station looks like along with its temperature graph.

We always told that the Urban Heat Island Effect has been factored out of the data but when pressed to show how that has been done, given evidence to the contrary, climate scientists do what they do best – attack the man.

Check out part two of Anthony’s How Not To Measure Temperature posts, which I hope will expand with input from all over the world.

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