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>Throw away the key

>Terrorist, family-abandoning, piece of crap, embarrassment to Australia, Mohammed Dawood (aka David Hicks), is entitled to government support according to his long suffering father, Terry.

The federal government is likely to wash its hands of the David Hicks case once the confessed terrorism supporter returns to Australia, his father says.

“Terrorism supporter”? ‘Terrorist’, you morons!

David Hicks is expected to arrive in Adelaide on Sunday, although details of his trip on a privately chartered flight from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are being kept secret. The Adelaide-born father of two spent more than five years in US military custody at Guantanamo Bay before he received a seven year sentence in March, with all but nine months suspended.

Serves him right for being a terrorist. Should have been locked up for life.

He will serve the remainder of his sentence in Adelaide’s Yatala maximum security prison and is expected to be released at the end of this year. His father Terry Hicks said on Saturday he believed the federal government would say the Hicks matter was now a state government concern. “I don’t think it is, I still believe it is the Commonwealth government’s (responsibility),” Mr Hicks told reporters in Sydney. “David is a federal prisoner, not a state prisoner, so therefore the federal government are the ones that should be looking after him.

“Looking after him”??? This piece of human excrement and poster child for the deranged Left should be tied behind a team of wild horses and dragged halfway around the Simpson Desert before having his sorry carcass thrown in jail for the remainder of his natural.

“The federal government are the ones who should be taking a belting in the backside for how they’ve handled all this.”

No belting in the backside for Mohammed, Terry? It’s all the government’s fault, is it, that your son chose to follow a sub-human religion and buy into its violent ways? He’s lucky to still be alive.

He said he would talk to his son “in general terms” once he returned but had received no information on the arrival. “These meetings with David and the family and anyone that visit David will be monitored, so, not that is going to bother us anyway, because we’ll just be talking in general,” Mr Hicks said. The family had five-and-a-half years of catching up to do.

Surely it’s more than that given that he’d well and truly disappeared before that?

“The last thing on our mind at the moment is asking what David was doing there, I mean that is part of history,” Mr Hicks said.

It would be the first thing on my mind, I must admit. So, what else would you talk about? I have absolutely no sympathy for Dawood, his father or his lunatic supporters. If anyone deserves sympathy it’s the people that have hardly been mentioned in the more than five years since his arrest – his wife and kids.

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