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>ClimateAudit and the Climate Team’s hypocrisy

>Steve McIntyre’s ClimateAudit is the place to go to read about the reality of major climate scientists’ refusal to subject their findings to scrutiny by their critics.

In a recent post Swindle and the IPCC TAR Spaghetti Graph one of the critics of The Great Global Warming Swindle stated:

If a practising scientist selected a 1987 data set over more recent versions, failed to cite it correctly, altered the appearance of the data without a clear explanation and didn’t include the data from the last 20 years then I think we’d all be asking serious questions about their professionalism.

The irony of the statement was not lost on McIntyre who has spent the last three years attempting to gain the data upon which a lot of major climate science is based and is asking questions about why recent data is not being included in current publications.

In the context of putting data into the public domain, it is actually the required standard for any science published in any of the major scientific journals. Unfortunately, a number of these journals including Science, Nature and New Scientist are on the global warming bandwagon and do not only not enforce their own published standards on the requirement for scientists to provide their data but also actively interfere with attempts from those scientists in the ‘denier’ camp to access any data and subject it to further scrutiny.

If you want to get a full understanding that the science is not only nowhere near settled but also that the science is actually mumbo jumbo then ClimateAudit is a good place to visit from time to time. If you want to get your comments censored then go over to Realclimate and make a comment that climate models are wildly inaccurate. Then again, it is run by the Hockey Stick Team and facts are quite inconvenient to their case.

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