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>Diogenes Lamp is always interesting and informative but in the last week or so he’s delivered a terrific burst of clear thinking across a range of topics.

Here are a couple of his recent posts along with the first paragraph or two. Wander over and take a look at his site and take notice of the Age Letter of the Week posts. They’re quite enlightening.

Another socialist fallacy from Kevin Rudd

Every time Kevin Rudd makes an announcement it becomes clearer that he represents a return to the stale wasteland of old-fashioned socialism. Now he wants Australia to have “the best education system in the world” in order to “drive productivity and make us competitive”.

Kevvy, you’d be too young to remember, but we did have one of the best education systems in the world until the left-wing bastards who are pulling your strings ruined it.

This is exactly in line with this morning’s post from me in which the NSW Teachers’ Federation wants to sue RateMyTeachers and the pernicious effect of the left wing influence in academia over the last 30 years.

Obama’s insulting ignorance

If Barak Obama becomes president of the United States I’m emigrating – not to Canada, but to Mars. Fortunately it won’t be necessary. This preening, conceited feather-weight was asked at the Democrats’ debate who America’s three greatest allies were.

Now THAT was a tough one. He had to think for a few minutes, and finally came up with the European Union (which is about as friendly to the United States as the Soviet Union was), Japan, China and Afghanistan.

What other politician would come up with those? Read the rest of the post for who the three real allies are.

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