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>Gay, race lobby in typical pathetic attack

>Former weather presenter, Grant Denyer, is one of those only vaguely talented TV personalities that somehow ends up hosting their own show, which makes one scratch one’s head and wonder how that happened.

Denyer is in hot water with the self-harm inflicting gay and race lobbies for managing to offend them both in just one sentence.

Outrage over Denyer sex comments

Seven Network star Grant Denyer has been accused of sexism, racism, and bad judgement after commenting on radio that he felt like “he’d had sex with a black man.”

Denyer had been to the Logies (Australia’s equivalent of the Emmy Awards) the night before, was clearly hung over and operating on a couple of hours sleep. If that’s what having sex with a black man achieves then it’s no wonder that so many women have fantasies about it.

The comment, made on Nova’s Merrick and Rosso program this morning in reference to Denyer’s exhaustion after the Logies, drew howls of laughter from the former weatherman’s hosts but has outraged gay activists and politicians.

In response to a question about his condition after the Logies, Denyer, who hosts Seven’s It Takes Two show, said he had slept for only two hours after the awards night.

“So it was a big old day…let me say I’m feeling like I had sex with a black man right now,” he said.

Denyer made another reference to his sexual analogy at the end of the segment, saying “I’ll be the host who looks like he’s been riding a horse for a week.”

You’ll excuse me if I say that there is nothing wrong with his original comment and even less with that one. If these are the sorts of comments that are being complained about then things are really going very well for those communities indeed.

Opposition multicultural spokesman Laurie Ferguson said the comments were deplorable and could be referred to the Australian broadcasting watchdog ACMA.

“The station should have cut him off immediately,” he said. “Basically this guy should go back to reading the weather.”

Despicable ex-union thug Laurie Ferguson, a person secretly taped, uh, ‘enforcing’ union needs, is the person the media go to? And why did the media go to the opposition for a comment and not the government in the first place?

Anti-homophobia activist Simon Biber said the comments reflected a popular myth about the size of black men’s penises, and were both sexist and racist.

Hahahahahaha. That is the funniest thing that’s been said in years and years. It’s now racist to say that black men have big dicks? Are we now no longer allowed to say that Jews are smart? That Asians work hard? That Aussies are the world’s fairest people and best cricketers? That the French are unmitigated, back-stabbing, filth?

“It’s homophobic but the racial slur is more serious, appealing as it does to a stereotype,” he said. “It’s harmful, but unfortunately it’s not uncommon.”

Spokesman for the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby Ghassan Kassieh said the comment reinforced a stereotype of black men as aggressive and predatory.

How the hell does it do that? How? How? These people are lunatics.

“This is a totally unacceptable comment, and should never have been made on air,” he said.

Seven Network could not be reached for comment.

They were probably too busy pissing themselves laughing.

As I have said for years, the gay lobby does more damage to gays than any other group, which is only topped by the tragic damage that race-based lobby groups inflict on their own communities.

Good work, Grant. Hope the head stops hurting sometime soon.

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