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>Uni ‘threat’ will put ideas in people’s heads

>This is such an unimportant story that it makes you wonder why anyone would bother reporting it. Must be a slow news day.

Threats shut down uni campus in Sydney

A university campus has been shut down in Sydney’s west after a man made threats during an argument with security officers.

The man, who is not believed to be a student, was at the University of Western Sydney’s Werrington South campus shortly before midday (AEST) on Monday when he had words with security before making threats and leaving, police said.

The campus was not under police “lockdown” and a gun had not been produced during the argument, as had been widely reported, a spokeswoman said.

University of Western Sydney vice-chancellor Janet Reid said entrances to the campus has been closed and staff moved to get students away from the area after the threats were made.

Ms Reid said the threats had not included any mention of a firearm.

“There were no arms of any kind, it was simply a verbal threat,” she told Macquarie Radio.

“It wasn’t a threat of using a gun.

“But he did threaten that he would come back and do something … so we swung immediately into action.”

Why didn’t the guards swing immediately into action and give the guy a good flogging? Surely there’d be bipartisan political support for that?

If I was a Muzzie agitator then I’d take note of how easy it is to shut down or hamper the operations of a major institution like a university. Simply turn up at the gate and complain about women being unveiled,. When challenged, start an argument and tell security that they’ll be sorry when you return. Too easy. Might be an idea to alert the media beforehand, too, so that they can capture the Aussie ‘oppression’ on camera.

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