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>’Sarko the American’ wins French Presidency

>Nicolas Sarkozy, dubbed ‘Sarko the American’ for his fondness of American values, yesterday defeated Socialist glamour, Segolene Royale, by a hefty 53.1% to 46.1% to become President of the World’s Worst Nation. Voter turnout was the highest since 1981 at 85% demonstrating how important the World’s Worst People viewed the election.

Sarkozy campaigned on a platform of repairing France’s moribund economy by reforming anti-employment legislation with a view to creating an environment in which people can yield the fruits of their labour. He also took aim at the large immigrant population for its refusal to not only integrate into French society but also be appreciative of the benefits that being a French citizen bestows. Sarkozy is the son of Hungarian immigrants and did not grow up as part of the establishment that has ruled France for the last two hundred years. It seems to me that he holds the view that if he can work hard and become successful then there’s nothing holding back other immigrants from doing the same. Of course, besides being Mulsims – with all of the backward-thinking baggage that carries with it – they’re also profoundly unskilled to work in a modern economy at anything other than the most menial levels; a situation that is guaranteed to foster resentment.

I thought I’d trot over to the BBC website and see what comments people were making on the results. Surprisingly, most are extremely positive, which makes one wonder whether there’s a growing realisation in the UK that the welfare state is out of control. Some of the negative comments were quite enlightening.

“I would have thought that people who had actually experienced the benefits of a Socialist government first hand would have had better sense than to make such a mistake.” – Mike, Dallas, Texas, USA

Has there ever been a line that demonstrates the cognitive dissonance of today’s Left than that one? Socialism is the most profoundly evil of ‘isms’ to ever have been inflicted upon humanity. Amazing.

“…we can only hope that the Left of our two countries can begin to unite….when France realizes the mistake made…” – James, New York

There you go. The Left in the US always looks to Western Europe for thought leadership so it’s natural for them to not only suggest that the two groups unite but also to imply that world socialist government is what’s needed.

Please don’t consider all french people wanted Sarkozy as President…
I’m french, I’m sad tonight, for this result and thinking about the future that is coming in France now…

Some surveys are showing than people older than 65yo voted mainly for sarko whereas people in 18-25yo and even more voted mainly for segolene.

Don’t forget it. It’s an unpleasant time, but still there are french people open minded there… in France. And that don’t want “their” Bush…

Tom, Paris

In every country in the world the 18-25YOs vote overwhelmingly for left wing candidates, which is natural given the indoctrination they’ve received in the education system and their lack of maturity. Once they get a dose of reality they realise the pros and cons of both sides of the argument and, in the end, become the older, wiser voters balancing up the impetuousness of the youthful vote.

The French just elected its own version of George Bush, those who equate Democracy with Capitalism and who see cultural and other differences as an opportunity to exploit people and nations, not truly support them. A sad day for the home of my grandfather, and for the world.

JD Benson, Berkeley, CA

This guy’s from Berkeley. Nothing to add.

And the best of the comments:

What is good for business is good for people and what is good for people is good for business.

The French are finally on the road to prosperity for everyone.

Keith, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Well said, Keith. It’s only through creating a flexible business environment that the needs of the people can be met.

Make no mistake, though, Sarkozy is a French nationalist in the truest meaning of the term and while he’ll improve relations with the US he’s sure to continue to push the world to accept the religion of climate change (under Kyoto France didn’t have to make any reductions from 1990 levels so there’s little impact), to try to dominate European politics and suck all he can out of the EU and continue to frustrate the rest of us in the way that only the French truly can.

At least he’s not Jacques Chirac so that’s got to be a good thing.

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