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>Iraq The Model asks the right questions

>Iraq The Model is a terrific website, written by two Iraqis living in Baghdad, that provides a candid view of what’s really going on in Iraq. I refer to it often and I suggest that you bookmark it and check in as often as possible.

End the war: Right message sent to the wrong address.

What did the last wave of terror attacks and the many crimes committed against our people all this time reveal?

If we look at how the media handles the situation we’ll find something like this almost everywhere; Dozens killed, scores wounded in attacks suggest failure of security measures…

It’s as if the speaker here wants to only emphasize the defect in security measures in a way that honestly angers and disgusts me.

There’s a pretty good reason it appears that they only what to emphasise defeat. The mainstream media is in lock step with the goals of the Democratic Party, which is heavily invested in ensuring defeat in order to improve its chances of taking the White House in 2008. A stable Iraq is bad news for the Left.

When shall they realize, if ever, that we are dealing with brutal crimes against humanity, a genocide against the people of Iraq? Why don’t people talk about the cruelty of the crimes and expose the obvious goals of the terrorists behind the crimes? Isn’t it everyone’s duty to expose the criminals, describe their sick ways and purposes and alert the world about the danger?

It is, indeed, everyone’s duty. The problem is that the majority of the population in the West are no longer allowed to make value judgements, to apply the label ‘evil’ to situations for which it is obviously appropriate or to take sides in spite of the blindingly obvious threat that presents itself on a daily basis. As for the concept of ‘duty’, well…

Where are the media when terrorists use chlorine poisonous gas, acids, and ball bearings to kill and hurt more and more civilians in utter disregard to all written and unwritten laws, ethics and values? I understand it’s the duty of the media to practice scrutiny over the work of governments but isn’t it equally their duty to expose criminals and their evil deeds?

Where are the media? At home, thinking up ways to stick it to the governments in Australia, the US and Britain; publishing national security secrets that allow terrorists to avoid future detection; giving mentally deranged mass-killers a platform to immortalise themselves; participating in completely false attacks on Scooter Libby, Alberto Gonzalez and, recently, Paul Wolfowitz; perpetrating the myth of the deliberate outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA agent; whitewashing the brazen security breaches of Sandy Berger and the unbelievable corruption of Congressman Jefferson; promoting the most hysterically apocalyptic predictions of Global Warming; blaming the indefensible crimes of self-identified ‘victim’ groups on, basically, white males; and generally doing whatever they can to attack those exceptional people and institutions that built the West into the vibrant, decent and pluralistic society that it is today.

It’s frustrating to see the media turn a blind eye to the nature of the crimes and open fire on an honest endeavor to restore peace to a bleeding nation. I’m sure the terrorists are pleased by the coverage. Why not, when their crimes are being portrayed as successful breakthroughs against the efforts of Iraq and America it’s likely motivating them to keep up the killing.

Of course it’s motivating them to keep up the killing. If the media turned around tomorrow and started supporting the Coalition and attacking the atrocities carried out by terrorists then the tide of the war would change tomorrow. Think about that for a while…makes you wonder about the moral fibre of the media, doesn’t it?

Would it be “hate speech” to expose the terrorists for what they are? I think our hate for their crimes must not be hidden; there is no shame in hating those blood-thirsty monsters.

Yes, in today’s morally inverted world it would be “hate speech”, as you would have to identify one group and compare them negatively to another. Don’t forget that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, or so the Left will have us believe. Has there ever been a more inane statement? Perhaps “I’m already against the next war” might top it but not by far.

Even more appalling I see and hear some people who think the solution is to end the war from our end and I can’t find an argument more naïve than this — I’ve seen enough wars in my life that I can’t remember a day when there was peace and I hate wars more than they can imagine. But we didn’t start his war; it’s the terrorists who started this war against life.

Instead of telling us to stop fighting back, I’d like to see some people stand up and protest the crimes of the terrorists and tell them to stop the killing and destruction…turn the stop-the-war campaign against the terrorists, is that too much to ask for?

The Left believes that you are not able to be democratised because it’s against your culture. Apparently, you are too barbaric to accept the mantle of liberty. The Left remains blind to the arrant racism of this position. The Right believes that all people have the capability and desire to express their free will. The contrast in attitude to race could not be starker.

Tell the criminals to stop killing us and stop attacking the people who are risking their lives fighting for liberty and equality. We’re not asking the media and the stop-the-war crowd to carry arms and shoot the terrorists; we just want them to stop shooting at us.

The Left only attacks easy targets. Christians, white males, the United States, conservatives. In spite of the atrocities committed by the most appalling people on earth you will never get them to stop taking shots at you while you are an ally of the US. George Galloway was on Saddam’s payroll for frigsake and look how he is still lionised by the Guardian and New York Times. Democrats fall over themselves in the rush to visit Syria and Iran in order to pay homage to murderous, dangerous thugs. While ever Iraq seeks democracy and freedom you will get no help from the Left.

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  1. Jay
    April 22, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    >Jack, you are spot on as usual. I’ve been in the military for nearly three decades and I’ve noted the differences. We on the right see our country as more important than ourselves. I’m believing the left can’t see anything more important than themselves.

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