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>Climate Change prosletyzing knows no bounds

>The Times Two supplement of The Canberra Times on April 2, 2007 included the following two quizzes. See if you can spot the sudden change from what’s generally considered ‘normal’ trivia questions.

Double Helix Quiz

  1. What 1800s scientist, known mostly for his work in electromagnetism, invented the Bunsen burner?
  2. How long was Steve Fossett’s solo non-stop airplane flight around the world?
  3. What is a Commodore PET?
  4. What famous novel by Rachel Carson drew attention to the impact of chemicals on the natural environment?
  5. True or false? Planting trees can help reduce carbon in the atmosphere?

Trivia Quiz

  1. In the Harry Potter series what type of creature is Aragog?
  2. Dorian Gray Syndrome is a phenomenon characterised by an excessive preoccupation with what?
  3. Which is the smallest and lightest bone in the human body?
  4. In which 2004 film does the 9 year old female protagonist name her teddy bear Creasy Bear after Denzil Washington’s character?
  5. As of 2005 which country was the world’s largest emitter per capita of greenhouse gases?
  6. What is the name of the non-treaty agreement that Australia entered into with India, Japan, China, South Korea and the USA after refusing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol?
  7. What word for a type of dress currently in fashion was traditionally used to refer to an apron pinned to the front of one’s clothes?
  8. What colour is puce?
  9. Mena Suvari is the only actress to appear in three consecutive movies starting with what word?
  10. Are the majority of eucalypts deciduous or evergreen?

Education institutions mercilessly inflict An Inconvenient Truth on our children, regardless of their age, and eco-fascists and the media use the worst predictions about climate change in all of their reporting in order to promote their left wing agendas. For the left it’s OK to use whatever platform they can in order to proselytize their climate change message. Regardless of your political view you have to agree that using a quiz for the purpose of pushing a political agenda is a fair way beyond the pale.

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