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>Britain leads European charge to Global Warming induced Fascism

>Vasko Kohlmayer has an article, Takeover by the State: Global Warming Alert From Britain, that should concern everyone that thinks there’s no downside to the remedies for the increasingly mild predictions of the effects of global warming.

Something disturbing and ominous is happening in Great Britain as the country embarks on an all-out fight against the threat of global warming. Intent on making Britain the world’s first “green” economy, the government will soon introduce legislation designed to take SUVs and other “gas guzzling” vehicles off the road. By sharply increasing driving levies, the authorities intend to force car owners into making “more sustainable travel choices, including greater use of public transport, walking and cycling.”

I have made a number of comments over the last couple of months in which I wondered what European nation would be the first to embrace fascism as its answer to the coming ‘catastrophe’ of global warming. Surprisingly, a few people have nominated Britain. I have also copped negative comments and emails about my use of the term Climate Fascist to describe those that proselytize global warming, especially those making the most hysterical predictions. The term came in response to the Left’s attribution of the label Denier to the skeptics in the debate. However, when I thought it up I realised instantly how accurate the label actually is; when the answer is more control by government over our daily lives and massively increased taxes while the means of production are left in private hands, operating under parameters set by the state, then the correct political construct for that environment is Fascism.

Since the end of WW2, leftist historians have tried to reconstruct fascism as a right-wing ideology in order to remove from themselves the guilt of Nazism. I’ll have a longer posting on this issue at some point down the track but, in summary, fascism is a clearly left-wing ideology that in the modern world can only come about as a result of the implementation of left-wing policies of which political correctness, cultural relativism and equality of outcome all play a prominent part, as they strip away personal freedom bit by bit and transfer it to the state. Right wing ideology is rooted in personal freedom, which makes fascism an impossible outcome. Fascism is simply the first totalitarian step towards a fully socialist state.

At the same time, homeowners will be asked to make their homes “carbon neutral” and required to draw their energy primarily from low or zero carbon sources such as wave, tide, solar or nuclear power. To ensure compliance, the government will send out inspectors to scrutinize everything from how a home is insulated to the kind of appliances it uses. Those who fail to meet the decreed standards will be fined and penalized. Just how serious the government is about enforcement can be sensed from the words of Environment Secretary David Miliband who stated — while unveiling the program — that it would be “painful” for home owners to continue to have an “energy inefficient home.”

These sentiments were echoed by a group of cabinet ministers who said that complying with the new regulations will necessitate sweeping changes in lifestyle across the board. Everybody in Britain, they concurred, will have to “live, work and travel differently.”

It is essential that we see these developments for what they really are: A thinly-veiled attempt by devotees of the state to take over a western society the like of which has not been seen since the Soviet-sponsored revolutions of the late 1940s.

Does anyone think that well to do people will be at all affected by these changes? I’ll bet that politicians are unaffected. As with all taxes, the real burden is always carried by those in society least able to do so.

The practical consequence of these plans — should they succeed — will be a radical empowerment of the state which will end up with virtually unlimited powers to regulate nearly every facet of life. Everything from the way people travel to the manner in which they furnish and maintain their homes will now be subject to governmental decree and oversight. Those who refuse to comply will be punished — and severely so — if the words of Miliband are anything to go by.

This is precisely why the idea of man-made global warming so appeals to those on the political left. Being ideological cousins of erstwhile socialists, they share a desire to expand government regardless of the cause or issue they ostensibly espouse. In global warming they have sensed the perfect opportunity, for if the underlying claim is true and the planet is indeed headed for destruction, then the impending catastrophe can only be averted by united action on a grand scale. And such action can only be taken by a strong state which has been granted a wide range of powers to deal with this life-or-death crisis.

Africa has been in a life or death struggle for as long as anyone can remember. How much good has been done in addressing their issues? The idea that vesting more power in the hands of the state will somehow help us deal with global warming is naive at best and downright dangerous at worst.

What makes the global warming scenario even more appealing is that the chief perpetrator is none other than the left’s perennial villain — the business establishment. After all, most of the pollutants are emitted into the atmosphere by unscrupulous businesses as a by-product of their relentless pursuit of ever greater profits. Close second on the list of culprits are us the people whose excessive consumption, runaway appetites and outright recklessness further exacerbate the already critical situation.

That’s right – business and people. A feature of the Left is its jealousy of the achievement of business and of those who have done well for themselves.

…The tremendous efficacy of the global warming frenzy in advancing the left’s agenda can be seen in Britain where state zealots are in the process of taking over one of the world’s oldest democracies. Above all, no one should make the mistake of assuming that this is the work of environmental extremists who have somehow managed to worm their way into positions of power and influence. Rather it is the inevitable consequence of accepting the claim of man-made global warming. As such, it is a dire warning of what lies in store for all those who receive this left-induced hysteria as unassailable truth.

Do our friends in Britain understand where their country is headed? Does anyone believe that government needs more power over their lives in order to deal with what even the IPCC is saying will be mild negative effects at worst? Once power is handed over to the state and the rest of the world enters an even more prosperous age due to the positive impact of a warmer climate then how will people get themselves out of the hole they’ve dug?

To people who say that the consequence of not doing anything about climate change are catastrophic I would like to point out that the consequences of implementing some of the supposed solutions have an even higher level of certainty of achieving a dire outcome for the world.

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    >Prediction: this will kill the visual effects studios in the U.K.

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