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>Rosie O’Donnell really is representative of the modern day Left

>You will by now have seen Rosie O’Donnell’s latest insane rant in which she outs herself as a 9/11 Nutjob on her TV show The View. In case you’ve missed it here’s the video:

Popular Mechanics profoundly debunked all of the major claims that the Nutjobs make about 9/11 last year and took the time to respond to O’Donnell on their website.

Here’s another clip of Rosie commenting on the State of the Union, which shows that in the kitchen drawer of life she is, at best, an intellectual butter knife.

The modern day Left would be quite unrecognisable to JFK, as it has been lurching leftwards since the McGovern days of the mid-1970s. Its members would have trouble recognising themselves as such but it has become the natural home for those who reject reason in favour of emotion, demonstrate remarkable fascistic instincts, are disturbingly racist and, as long as they’re attacking the Right, or society’s exceptional achievers, don’t care that they don’t have facts to support their arguments.

Have a look at those in control of the Democratic Party and you see that O’Donnell is very well represented by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean etc, not to forget the most prominent of the Left’s opinion-as-truth crowd, Michael Moore. Then have a look through the diaries at DailyKos, including the tone of the comments, or go over and check out what passes as truth at Huffington Post. These are the people that the leading Democratic presidential candidates are taking their cues from. They all spout exactly the same rubbish as Rosie O’Donnell.

I have commented before that on the Right we look on in bewilderment at the hate-filled vitriol spewing forth from the Left and their spectacular inability to articulate their positions using hard facts. Who isn’t bewildered watching O’Donnell rant on in the way she does? She’s completely unhinged.

There is nobody on the Right that mirrors the Rosie O’Donnells of this world. When Ann Coulter uses the word ‘faggot’ in a bad taste joke about the Edward’s campaign the whole world drops out of the sky to criticise her – including a huge number on the Right! Where are those on the Left pointing out that O’Donnell does not represent them? Nowhere. Let me tell you something for free. Supporters of the great Democratic Presidents of years gone by would be quick to condemn her lunatic statements. The modern day Left truly is a far cry from its classical liberal predecessor.

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