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>What is the UN doing about Iran?

>One has to wonder why the United Nations has taken such a soft approach to Iran

After being blind-sided for years and unaware of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the UN’s response has been tepid at best.

After repeated threats by Iran against Israel and the US that, effectively, there’ll be a day of reckoning once Iran is nuclear armed why does the UN sit back and let it happen?

After even Russia and China start to get concerned about Iran’s nuclear weapons program why are the sanctions imposed so meaningless?

After Iran captures 15 British sailors from Iraqi waters – a provocative act of war – why does the UN say absolutely nothing?

If the United Nations is meant to be an organisation that promotes peace and stability then why does it do everything it can to antagonise the United States, the greatest provider of peace and freedom the world has ever known, and Israel, a state of which it was the founding father?

The United Nations has shown yet again that it is a morally bankrupt and ineffective organisation. The sooner it is overhauled or, better still, replaced by an organisation in which only democracies may participate the better the world will be.

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