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>Comment on the NYT Al Gore piece

>The New York Times’ article of 13 March titled From A Rapt Audience, a Call to Cool the Hype took aim at Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. The article’s thesis is that Gore is over the top in his description of the consequences of global warming and that the science for some of his claims is a bit wobbly.

Blogs everywhere have been quick to either jump to the defence of Gore or attack the NYT for breaking ranks with the climate faithful. Conservatives’ delight at the fact that it’s the NYT itself, the bastion of American leftism and enviro-religiosity, that has pointed out Gore’s errors is palpable

My view is that it’s actually a hit piece to try to knock Al Gore out of Democratic candidacy contention should he choose to enter. It really does have Hilary’s fingerprints all over it. The NYT is the ‘ officially unofficial’ voice of the Democratic Party so when it comes out and slams someone that is so highly regarded by the Democratic faithful one must wonder what the real agenda is.

I have thought for a little while that the absolute best chance the Democrats have of winning in 2008 is a Gore-Obama ticket. Hillary simply cannot win, she’s too polarising and tainted by too many scandals to secure enough support. The only way she can win is if McCain gets the Republican nomination, which I don’t think he will.

The Academy Award for An Inconvenient Truth is the first step in Gore’s simmering candidacy campaign. The next step is the Nobel Peace Prize, which he is lobbying extremely hard to get. Given the ass-clowns that have been awarded the Peace Prize over the last twenty or so years he really must be a big chance of securing it this year.

With a Nobel Peace Prize to his name, brand recognition via An Inconvenient Truth, experience at the highest level and ‘global citizen’ aura he would be an irresistible Democratic candidate. The NYT hit piece is, I’m sure, the first in a series attempting to, initially, damage his Peace Prize chances and reduce his standing at home.

It has been said that when Al Gore gets serious about something then he gets himself into good physical shape. The man looks like he’s swallowed a pig so if he starts slimming down then you can be sure that he’s going to throw his hat in the candidacy ring.

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  1. March 16, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    >I actually voted for Gore in 2000 but there is no way in hell I would ever vote for him again for anything, not even dog catcher.

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