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>"They don’t want us to leave"

>More inconvenient truth from Iraq where The Surge, combined with the Iraqi Government’s Operation Imposing Law, certainly seems to be making a positive difference, not that the mainstream media is doing much reporting on it. Credit therefore goes to NBC Nightly News for sending Brian Williams and Richard Engel to Iraq to provide an up to date view of the current situation. What they find is still less than ideal but is much better than what they expected, to the point where Williams himself says he wants to get back to the US and interview politicians who believe we should withdraw, as it’s clear that “They don’t want us to leave”. “That’s the 10th time I’ve heard that today”, states Williams from Sadr City itself.

Check out the video from Williams and its associated report (includes video link).

Since The Surge was announced Moqtada Al-Sadr has bugged out to Iran and his Mehdi Army has gone to ground, which would explain the following positive news:

It’s a bit hard to spin those numbers into bad news. I think it’s Engel who reports from Sadr City that there is “brisk traffic”, “families are out” and “children are playing”. “Finally we feel that there is security. It is better”, said a man who brought his daughter outside to see US soldiers. Engel points out that people are hesitant to be too enthusiastic because they don’t know whether the troops will leave again and plunge the city back into chaos. The commanders say they’re staying and I hope that’s the plan.

To those that are blind to the wishes of the Iraqi people and the possibility that the Coalition could actually be doing some good then these reports will make no difference. To people who are looking for signs that there has been a strengthening of will in order to achieve a positive outcome for Iraq then they will be heartened by the fact that progress is being made.

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